Showing his Intelligence...Again


I'll admit it.

Jake has officially proven me wrong. I realize that I'm his mother, and most of the time, I should be/am right, but tonight my less-than-three-year-old son (yes, he's the one) officially proved me wrong tonight.

This is one of his favorite movies...

and right now, he is really hooked on watching it nearly every day.

I've watched the movie with him (or should I say, I've listened to it in the car off and on on our drives to visit Grandma and Grandpa), but the only character I know is L.T. (short for Little Tike), the car.

So this past weekend, when he came to me holding the movie box, saying, "I wanna watch Ollie!", I kept telling him, "No, baby, that's L.T." He repeatedly insisted, "No, Mommy! L.T.!" I finally gave in to his argument, and said, "Okay, Baby, we'll watch Ollie."

Well tonight was no different than this weekend. He brought the movie box to me and asked if he could watch Ollie. I said okay (with no argument), and popped it in the DVD player. Jim and I went about cleaning up the kitchen when all of a sudden, I heard the characters in the movie refer to Ollie, the Octupus. My head immediately whipped around to see the TV, and in that moment, if there was such a thing as being able to see a light bulb above one's head (mine in this case), you totally would have been able to see it. It completely dawned on me that's who he was talking about. Ahhhh....Ollie, the Octupus!

He was right; I was wrong. What else can I say?

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