Giving Thanks


Today we are spending our day at our home away from home...eating ham, attempting to get the perfect Christmas card photo, giving thanks...making late evening trips to Old Navy for pajamas and cozy, cuddly socks, eating pecan pie, playing games of Uno, giving thanks...looking at dozens of sale papers, taking naps, watching Punkin Chunkin contests on TV, feeding leftovers to the dog, giving thanks...discussing vehicle options for a trade-in we're planning to make, deciding where we might be brave enough to shop tomorrow morning, making threats over bad behavior and following through when we need to, eating dressing, giving thanks...holding hands as we pray, eating second helpings of sweet potato casserole, feeling the wind blow as we sit outside to watch cousins play, exchanging hugs, loving and laughing, and most of all, giving thanks.

...O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good...Psalm 106:1

What I'm Loving Wednesday



I'm loving...

that it's actually on a Wednesday that I'm writing this post (instead of Thursday or Saturday like I have the last two times)...

that Jennifer Grey won this season of Dancing With The Stars...

that I can't see my feet beneath my belly (what a miracle)...

a tall cup of hot chocolate and a slice of homemade pumpkin bread for my nightly snack...

this photo that I took of Jake inside Bryant Denny Stadium this past weekend...

our brand new hardwood floors (which definitely need a post of their own...and not just because they've completely transformed the look of our home or because I think they're absolutely gorgeous but so I can brag on that best husband and dad I could have ever wished for)...

that tomorrow I'll look through tons and tons of Black Friday sale papers (I even made myself stay off the of Internet and just so I can flip the pages of that actual sale papers...there's just something I really love about doing that.)...

the Christmas card template I found on-line to use for our cards this year (and that I've actually made a decision this early)...

this feeling I have of being blessed beyond measure!

Riding In Cars On Bicycles With Boys


Just exactly how much fun our empty foyer, dining and living room brought to Jake is beyond I captured it in photos.

If I had just a quarter for each time he has asked me to ride his bike in and through our home, I would be one rich momma!

"No, Baby. We can't ride our bicycle inside."

"Awww! But why not, Mommy?"

"Well, Baby, we have a lot of furniture in here, and there's really no room for you to ride."

On Saturday morning, this was not the case.

With our floors prepped for hardwood, furniture in every other room except for these, it was an open highway...

and rooms full of echoes of laughter and the biggest smiles on this little face.

Where does the time go?


It's become routine over the last few months at our house for Jake to make his way from his bedroom to ours at random times of night. He marches over to the side of the bed I sleep on with his blanket in tow as he whispers, "Mommy!". Our short conversation is always the same. I ask, "What Baby?", then he says, "Can I sleep with you?"

When he first started doing this, I always encouraged him to go back to his bed - even if that meant me going with him and tucking him in all over again just as I or Jim had done hours earlier. But lately sleep for me is more valuable than being overrun in my own bed by size eight feet, tennis-ball size knees, and having less square footage on our queen mattress to turn over or stretch my legs.

Friday night was no exception. Only this time I was already awake. I could hear the pitter-patter of his feet, the swish of his pull-up (which he still needs at night and very well may until he's in first grade), and the rubbing of his blanket along the floor coming down the short hallway that leads to our bedroom.

But this time, when he got to the side of our bed that I sleep on, our conversation was different and so was our routine. When he got there, he said, "Mommy!". My reply, "What Baby?" "My nose is running", he answered. His reason for needing me wasn't just his usual "Because I want to sleep with my mommy!" (which is what he told his grandma when she asked him the day before why he likes to get in bed with his mommy and daddy in the middle of the night). This time his nose was running down to his chin, so instead of telling him "Yes, you can sleep with me", I took him to his room to do all I could for the cold he had come down with - a dose of Mucinex, a breathing treatment, a glob of Vick's Baby Rub on his chest, and several squeezes of his nasal aspirator.

I laid with him in his bed while he watched reruns of the 70's version of Batman and Robin (you know, the one where when they get into fights, you see words like Pow! and Splat! come up like a cartoon) on the Hub channel. When he finished his breathing treatment, I turned off his TV and turned on his Blessed Slumber CD. We laid quietly side by side while I rubbed his back and ran my fingers through his hair. I hummed and sang and eventually snores replaced sniffles, questions, and coughs. And even though he was sound asleep, I just kept laying there running my fingers through his hair, humming, and singing.

My thoughts took me back to the days when I used to do the same thing when he was just an infant. He was fed, he was dry, and he was fast asleep. But I held him anyway, humming and singing and rocking - I had to make myself go back to my own bed.

I looked around his room and thought about how time had changed it so much. Walls that were once Iceland Blue are now a warm khaki. They hold a shelf made of basketball net, a bulletin board graced with his own artwork he made himself, and sports jerseys. The shelves on his nightstand hold books and baseballs. The rocker we spent countless hours in together is now in the room next to his that will soon become his little brother's, and the crib he once occupied has been replaced by a twin-sized bed.  The floor was full of Thomas engines, plastic dinosaurs, and pieces to a puzzle he didn't finish putting together.

I laid there with my thoughts, and I began to cry. Where had the time gone? Oh, what I would give to rock my tiny baby all over again at 11, 2 and 5 o'clock in the morning. We were the only two awake in our home and what felt like, the whole world. Yes, watching him grow and become the almost four-year old that he is has been incredible, but I still can't help but miss the quietness of those hours.

But all I can do is remember these days gone by, love and embrace each stage that passes, fill the memory banks of my mind with everyday moments - the sound of his laughter, the night-time baths that I'm still able to give, hand-prints on the glass door, and be ever so thankful that we still sometimes share the quietness of these hours.

What I'm Loving This Weekend


Wednesday definitely passed me by again this week, but I really, really, really wanted to do this post, so I decided to get crafty with my title.

Any no matter what day this week it is, these are the things I'm definitely loving...

that I passed my Three-hour Glucose Tolerance Test with flying colors...

the custom canvas piece that Kelli painted for Parker's room (actually just how much I really am loving this is hard to put into just one sentence)...

the hardwood flooring that's going down in our foyer, dining room, and living room...

this tote bag from Pottery Barn Kids (I really, really, really must click Checkout on my shopping bag)...

Pandora Radio...because they have a huge variety of Christmas music to listen to (I think now I'll definitely get my Christmas music fix without hearing the same tunes over and over and over and over...and over again)...

what I bought today at the Gap thanks to their 40% Off Your Entire Purchase sale...


that Thanksgiving Day is less than a week away....which means the dinner I look forward to all year long is also less than a week away.

Showers, Showers, and More Showers


Today, we got even more rain showers. Not quite as many as yesterday, but still I was wearing my rain boots in to work this morning, and I wondered if I should have put them on again when I left because once again, it was starting to sprinkle.

Speaking of showers, I was given one this past Friday to celebrate Parker.

It goes without saying that I get super sentimental when it comes to things like this.

It also goes without saying that a giant chocolate chip cookie from The Great American Cookie Company is one of the best desserts on the planet.

The amazing women that I work with day in and day out are also some of the best on the planet.

Meet, Michelle, Tammy, and Lisa...

Angie, Carol, Laynee, Michelle, and LaDonnah...

Erica and Tiffany...

Alaina and Misty...

and Kelly and Linda (And no your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. Kelly and Linda are due within three days of each other just a month after Parker).

This experience would not be the same without them...

and neither would my wish list from Target because of the massive gift card they gave me. I'm pretty sure I will own everything I need for Parker and have some to spare when Jim and I go on our big shopping spree on Thursday (since we have the day off and all thanks to the Athletic Department changing Saturday's football game to Thursday instead and for giving us all the day off so we can so graciously share our parking spaces with all of the fans who'll come to watch the Tide play that night).

And I've already had one tonight - a shower, that is - but I need to scrub the dried and crackling clay mask I put on my face way more than five minutes ago (which is how long you're supposed to leave it on for) that Jake says makes me look like a puppet. 

By the way, if you're grasping for straws like I am to fight the inevitable aging that's gonna happen (I think for me I'm about to add another ten years to my face based on the lack of sleep I'm already suffering from), Oil of Olay's Deep Cleansing Facial Mask is the bomb!  I absolutely love it - so much I could care less if I look like a puppet.



Today...a radio station that I listen to pretty regularly starting playing Christmas tunes around the clock. And I've already heard the one from the Peanuts Christmas Special three times.  I'm really beginning to wonder if listening this early is a good idea.  I'm worried that at this rate, I'll be sick of hearing Christmas music altogether by Thanksgiving Day.

Today...Parker and I got a clean bill of health at our 30-week checkup.

Today...Jim and Jake had a guy's movie night. They rented Toy Story 3.  By the time I got home (which was around something like 7:30), it was beginning to go off...for the second time.  Can I get a "Like" button right about now? has rained...and rained...and rained some more.

Today...I was having a really good hair day.  But then drop-off spot number 4 was taken when I got to Jake's preschool.  And since I just mentioned that it has rained...and rained...and rained here today, you can guess what happened to it.

Today...I got several pairs of these in the mail, and I'm absolutely counting down the weeks until I see Parker wearing them. mom made homemade lasagna per my request, and it was ridiculously scrumptious.

Today...I realized that a new pair of pants I bought must be returned.  Unless, of course, I magically start to grow taller instead of heavier.  What a bummer.

Today...I have been operating on less than four hours of sleep.  And!



Today while Jim and I were doing our joint-effort, major, bi-weekly cleaning, we heard this song play on Sonic TV (Listening to the 80's channel is what we always do to keep us moving and motivate us to a squeaky clean home.)

So we heard this today, and it took us back to more than twelve years ago. It was one of the first songs played at our wedding reception.

Hearing it today defintiely called for a break.

I mean...who in their right mind can't listen to this song and immediately get to gettin' down?

What A Change


Well, it's been a week now since our clocks have been rolled back and hour, and I have to say I have had the worst time with this time change.

I have no idea why it's hit my so hard because usually, I'm am a serious night owl.

But for whatever reason unknown to me, I have been hitting the sack even earlier than I would if we were still on our old time schedule.

I can honestly say not only is this the first time I've had our home computer turned on since last Sunday (Well, I guess that's partly, too, because I know if I do turn it on, a certain someone will want to hog it completely so he can play his favorite games on Starfall and NickJr - doggone computer classes are paying off, I tell you!), and I have been fast asleep by no later than 8:30 each night (except for one...Wednesday, I think).

All I can say is, I hope by now I'm adjusting and will quit sleeping my life away. Otherwise, my DVR is going to quit recording all of my favorite TV shows and may even start flashing "Disk is Full!  Disk is Full!" across the screen (because watching them is what I usually do once Jake has been tucked in), and I'm going to have a serious rude awakening in a few months when I actually have to start living on less than 6 hours of sleep each night (broken down into hourly increments, of course, which definitely brings a whole new meaning to the word Zombie).

A Funny...Or Not


I guess I should start by saying that on a weekly basis, Jake’s preschool sends home a weekly announcement sheet on Friday that fills parents in on things like the lunch menu for the upcoming week or when they will have their annual Thanksgiving Feast and reminders like school picture orders being due by November 18th and to bring a warm coat since the weather is starting to feel more like Winter. What? Bring a coat? It’s not that cold yet! But anyway, I’ll get right on that so when the time comes, Jake will nice and warm when he goes out to play.

Ummm…maybe not.

See, this past weekend, it just started to feel chilly to me in the mornings. But of course it was the weekend. So we just waited for it to warm up before going outside (and made a run for it when going in to church) which equals no coat-wearing was necessary. Then Monday rolled around. And I think the word Monday is all I have to say about that sentence. It came and went…and, you guessed it…still there was no coat for Jake at school. Tuesday morning came as quickly as Monday morning did, and I whipped into drop-off spot number 4 (like always because it’s right by the entrance to Jake’s classroom). We hopped out of the car and were greeted by Mrs. Susan, one of Jake’s two wonderful, loving teachers. I hadn’t much more than got completely inside the doorway when she asked me, “Does Jake have a coat that you could bring?” My response…Sure! Why do you ask?

She then proceeded to tell me that he mentioned how cold he was during his walk to the lunchroom the day before and when asked where his coat was, he said, “I don’t have one.” O.M.G.!! Right then and there, I felt completely abusive. I started thinking to myself: What kind of mother am I? Surely DHR can’t get involved for this one, right? Thank you for that, Jake! Can I fit under this table he’s sitting at to eat his breakfast? For the love of all things, that completely sounded like “the kid teacher’s feel most sorry for”. GASP! I was mortified! And the more I thought about it, the worse it all played out in my mind. I could see all of his classmates dressed in their warms coats that were neatly hanging on their coat hangers above their backpacks as she asked me, “Does Jake have a coat you can bring?” as they walked to the lunchroom. And then there’s Jake (probably at the back of the line making him even more noticeable, head tucked down, arms folded trying to keep himself warm), in his thin, long-sleeved t-shirt with a dinosaur riding a unicycle on the front, shivering, and telling his teacher he’s so cold and does not have a coat to wear. Oh my stinking gracious!

I got to work and called Jim. He was, for once in his life, as tall I was (exactly two feet) and almost left right then and there to go purchase one just for him to wear at school (which is another reason I had not sent one with him yet because I hadn’t bought one that I could care less if it gets dirty or misplaced. And yes, technically I should have said “Yes, he has a coat but not one I prefer to bring to school" when his teacher asked. It’s okay. I’ve already asked for forgiveness). Instead, I told him to stay put, and I would go buy one during my lunch hour.

And so all’s well that ends well of 1 o’clock yesterday when I had purchased exactly what I was looking for, and Jake proudly wore it this morning. I laughed with his teachers while he wouldn’t take it off - even to eat his Fruit Loops.

And finally…finally…I felt the anxiety lift like a weight off my shoulders, and I felt as proud as he did that he was sporting his very own, brand new, sparkling, red coat.

And may he never, ever say he doesn’t have a coat to wear. Because believe me! From now on, he always will!

What I'm Loving Wednesday


There's a new blog I'm reading.

It's called A Love Worth Waiting For.

I'm starting from the very beginning because Lyndsie's story is so incredible. She has one of the most amazing testimonies I've ever read.  And she does something every Wednesday called "What I'm Loving Wednesday."  What she's loving may be a super cute Pea coat she saw online or that she got to spend time that week with a girlfriend she adores.  I absolutely love her "What I'm Loving Wednesdays!"  What an awesome thing to do right?...think about what's positive, look for the silver lining, realize how blessed she is no matter what may be crumbling around her.  Life doesn't let anyone escape living it without having ups and downs, things happen that disappoint, good days and bad.  But what a gift to give ones self to look around and see that there is some thing (or lots of things) to "love".  I hope from now on to give that gift to me ever week. 

And yes I'm a day late this week, but here goes mine anyway (on a Thursday).

I'm loving...

that I got two coupons in the mail this for Buy Buy Baby and the other for Babies R Us....

that I had lunch with my hubby today....

that Jake's school pictures turned out fantastic!...

that my parents will be here to spend the day with us on Saturday and celebrate my 34th birthday with me!...

that my cousin's incredible wife, Christine, sent me another box of clothes Ethan has outgrown, and because she did so, Jake has a new long-sleeved Alabama t-shirt to wear to school tomorrow....

that part of my night was spent playing Play-doh on my kitchen floor with the most amazing three-year old I know (even if he is mine)!...

my devotion book and this verse from Proverbs that I read from it tonight - A man's wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense. Proverbs 19:11 - because I really needed this encouragement today....

that Jake did beyond awesome at the dentist's office this week...and it's only the second time he's ever been!  So proud of you, Buddy!...

that I finally see the light at the end of the Tunnel (Tunnel equals code for "Parker's Room")....

that tomorrow is Friday!...



Smell my feet...Give me something good to eat!

Okay, hopefully I'm not the only one who remembers that one...or said it.

Saturday night brought back so many memories for me when I took Jake door-to-door, trick-or-treating. My parents used to take my sister and I when we were little (and still lived in an actual neighborhood versus the boonie doonies where we moved to when I was just eight years old).

This year was seriously our most exciting yet when it comes to Halloween. Of course, Jake changed his mind pretty much every single day on who or what he wanted to dress up as. Decisions, decisions right? And I have absolutely no idea where he got that from...uh hum (clearing my throat).

So anyway, I sort of made up his mind for him when I bought his fireman costume. He's obsessed with firemen (and superheros, and Disney characters, and Thomas the Tank Engine...see what I mean?) and especially firetrucks, so I was positive he would be crazy about it. And crazy about it, he was!

Wouldn't you love for him to come to your house if it were on fire? 

He was also crazy about the many packs of Skittles he got from our neighbors and, of course, the chocolate.

Oh!  And going from house to house ringing the doorbells (he does this for kicks at home all the time), yelling "Trick or Treat!", and asking me, "Are we going to another house now, Mommy?"

Sure we are, Buddy! (Until we run out of houses, that is).

We left Jim at home to pass out candy at our house, so he missed out. At least he got to see all of the different costumes, though.

Speaking of candy, I'm pretty sure he rationed it out because we somehow managed to be left with an entire bag of MandM's, yet the light was turned off on our porch before everyone stopped trick-or-treating.


I guess that's okay, though. Parker and I are consuming them on a daily basis, so please don't worry that they're going to waste.

I hope you all had as great a time on Halloween as we did!