parker i am


From exactly one week ago today when he obviously loved up on Dr. Seuss while at preschool.  And his sticker.  
He put it right back on after he had already had his dinner and his bath.    

On a sidenote, I'm embracing the grain on this one.  My camera worked all the magic it could in a totally dark room, and it's a huge step out for me, but I actually like it.  

gold diggers {from our weekend}


In this particular, chicken nuggets (from mcdonald's. in the car.), home, football helmet. He even hard a hard time taking it off for me to change his clothes and then asked for it to sit on the floor beside our bed while he took a nap.

By the time he woke up, Jim and I were already outside. So was Jake. We were painting chairs for our patio in our garage when we could hear little voices. Jim checked on them first and said yeah you'll just have to see for yourself.

And when I asked what they were doing Jake (who's so far down in this hole you can't see him) yelled, "We're digging for gold!"

If they ever find any and the "ship" sails in, you'll be the first to know.

flashback friday {11-16-13}


She and my dad have made plans to spend the day with us tomorrow. 

And we can't wait.

Happy Weekending to you all!

ten on thursday


1. I really think it's Ten on Tuesday, but I'm going out on my own and making it Ten on Thursday.

2. I took this this past Saturday of the last piece of chocolate chip cookie Jake shared with his classmates on his birthday. A "cookie cake" is what he asked for, and I asked for them to decorate it with legos made of red, yellow and blue icing.

3. Speaking of legos, the four of us went to see The Lego Movie - also part of Jake's 7th birthday bash. The boys were glued to the screen, and the ending made it all worth it. Win win.

4. This week...I acquired two baaaad bruises - one on my right leg from a fall and one on my right hand from a slap with a rubber mallet...

5. and we finalized plans for the pergola we're adding to our backyard. We can't wait for Kevin to work his woodworking magic.

6. Today I spent my lunch break in the Loft and bought this pair of corduroy skinnies for $9.88...

7. fell in love with this verse from Psalm 116:2 Because He bends down to listen I will pray as long as I have breath...

8. and Parker dug into his pocket and found this little piggy. Unfortunately he didn't cry wee wee wee before we came home which would have kept us from swiping him unintentionally from preschool.

9. A weekend of perfect weather has been forecasted. Fingers crossed.

10. And last but not least...this quote from Jim, "I hate projects because I feel like I'm hemorrhaging money." Pretty much.

And then it was Jake's turn.

because old man winter just won't go away...pretending this was yesterday


How the temps can go from the seventy's to the thirty's in less than twenty-four hours just

from our weekend


1) The weather this weekend was stellar so we spent it almost totally outdoors. We took on another mother load of work and started and finished a new paver patio. The wow factor is definitely on the up and up in this backyard. Eeeeek!

2) And this one of Parker...he couldn't be all work with no rest and no play.