"Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed." ~ Robert H. Schuller


The theme for Jake's Kindergarten class this week has been "Apples" - apple juice, apple pie.  He's been learning how they grow, the names of the different types, and how to pick them from their branches.  On Wednesday (Johnny Appleseed Day), he wore blue jeans and a red shirt, and his homework assignment for the night was to draw his favorite thing about Johnny Appleseed Day. 

So last night, when we were at Target, he asked if he could pick out an apple to eat later.  We ate dinner out, got home, and I gave him (and Parker) a bath.  When he got out, he asked if he could have his apple and then proceeded to give me specific directions on what to do with it:  "You jus' gotta cut it down the middle (hand motions); and then you'll get to the cork.  Take out the seeds and wash 'em.  If you plant it, you'll grow an Apple treeeeee!"

Just a few more before I call it a night. (yawn)




This past weekend we went on a little trip to visit the Tennessee Aquarium. 

I have a lot of pictures to share, but real quick...a video. After a pool break and Round 2 at the Aquarium, we ate dinner and then spent some time walking around downtown and along the Tennessee River and doing what I call..."cardboarding".  A new sport?  And what's so funny to me is that Parker was able to hang with the teens who were doing this.  Maybe better.


a little bit of luck and a whole lot of love


Last Tuesday my dad sold the airplane he built and owned with three other partners so they could make way for airplane number two which is under construction.  My dad has always had "wings" (way before he had me), and I can't imagine him without them.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon, my mom read me this quote when she called me on the phone:  "...If the world is full of people like you, they must be invisible."  It was written in a letter to my dad from the gentleman who bought it.

Somehow he manages to touch people in ways that he becomes unforgettable.

Lucky me...I call him dad.  And he calls him Grandpa.




Ahhhh....my little honey.  

He's either got a knack for pushing his classmates' buttons perfectly or his arms just taste that good because he's been bitten three out of the past five weekdays.  

Oh the territory that comes with the (almost) two's.  Frown.

Maybe I should just send him off in the mornings wearing some of this impressive arm padding that somehow leaves this guy still smiling.  

From Our Weekend


First official "owie" (one that required a band-aid)

and condolences from Jake, "It happens, Player."

Enticing the nearby deer population (for viewing purposes only)

and taking a stroll with his favorite toy in hand...a ball (won by his big bro from a machine at Wal-mart - one of our Saturday night errands)

"Dad!  Let me show you my roundhouse kick!"  Have I mentioned he's in his fourth week of karate lessons?

King me! (playing a game of checkers with his Grandma)

and gifts from the Grands - Chuck's Fold-n-Go Garage, A Turtle's Tale, and chocolate chip cookies (homemade).  Thank you, Mom!!  And thank you for sharing part of your weekend with ours.

mommy's little helper


My parents are coming to visit tomorrow and that has a cleaning spree calling me by name.  Does anyone else do that besides me?  Lucky me, I have really great pairs of helping hands.  His favorite "job" is transferring the laundry from our washing machine to our dryer.


We remember.


From my cell phone...

and the hallway of Parker's preschool.



Yesterday he figured out that his favorite books are for more than just reading.

rain, rain go away


This morning it was overcast with showers of rain off and on - perfect for spending a few extra hours in our pajamas and watching and waiting for dry skys so we could take it to the outdoors.



Finding a good "balance" this week hasn't been easy (makes me wonder if three-day weekends are worth it when the third day falls on a Monday).  But swooning over him has been.  We've spent more than our fair share of time outdoors every night this week.  On Wednesday, he picked this cluster of wildflowers without me seeing and held them behind his back while he told me he had a surprise for me.  I swear he owns more than half of my heart.