Update from Home


One of the great things about this trip has been being able to use our cell phones as if we were at home. We knew before we left that HI was considered to be part of our "calling area", so using our phones to make calls home would be no problem.

I've talked to my mom and/or dad at least once a day and to Jake as often as he will come to the phone. They are doing great! Jake is having a wonderful time, keeping busy with lots of different fun things to do. He has been spending his afternoons and evenings with his Cousin Emily, Aunt Cathy, and Uncle Dean. He has been getting lots of piggyback rides from his Grandpa and even made cookies with his Grandma which she let him decorate all by himself. I also understand from my dad that he has had to ask for Jake's permission to watch TV for a quick 30 minutes to catch up on the news. Today they went to Emily's school to have "Cookies with Santa", and tomorrow Grandma and Aunt Cathy are taking them to the mall to ride the train.

All in all, they've had a super fun week. My mom is missing him already, and he hasn't even left. I'm sure he's had his 2-year old moments, but she only tells me how great things are going and how much fun they're having (see what I mean about what a great mom and grandma she is?). I'm sure, though, there have been times where she sat and counted down to the hour of when we would be coming home. That's only human and the nature of the beast when you're taking care of a 2-year old 24/7.

If he could do the same, I'm sure he would have at some point too. In fact, one night, my mom told me he went and sat in the kitchen and said, "I wait right here. Mommy come get me!" She said she tried to explain to him that I wasn't coming right then, but he could not be convinced. After a little while, though, his desire to watch Finding Nemo overcame his will to wait for me to come get him, so he decided to watch his movie instead.

As for Jim and I, we will be counting down the hours tomorrow as we get ready to board our plane and go home. We aren't quite ready to leave this breathtaking island, but we are ready to see our amazing little boy who we miss so much. But first we have to figure out how to get all of the things we bought for him into our suitcases (that should be fun).

So that being said, Alooooooooooha!

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