Meet Jim


He's my husband, my best friend, the father of our son Jake, my comfort, my lover, my hero, my constant. He's the leader of our family and Det 010, University of Alabama. He's the one who knows me inside and out and loves me in spite of my shortcomings. He overlooks my faults and still tells me he loves me more than anyone he's ever thought he loved before. He wears his feelings on his sleeves, and he's not afraid to show his emotions. He cried more than Jake did when he was born into this world. He's protective of me and of Jake, and he stands up for what he believes in. He's not afraid to say what's on his mind, and is really quite blundt. He loves me, Jake, his family, the game of golf, the United States Air Force, many friends and fellow soldiers, his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the students he mentors every day, and last, but certainly not least, Alabama football. He's strong in spirit and heart and is comfortable with the person he has grown to be. He's so handy and can fix and put together just about anything around our house (but he leaves all of the decorating to me...mostly). He's very opiniated, even when it comes to buying just the right pack-n-play for a newborn (I should tell you that story some time...needless to say, we ended up in Huntsville to buy the one HE wanted Jake to have...yeah...I'm for real). He loves to eat Mexican, Japanese, hot sub sandwiches, and a good steak whenever he can get one. He reads the news on every network every day on the Internet, and he can remember the name of just about every song from the 80's and can tell you who sung it. Most of all, he's the one I want to be with for the rest of my life, and lucky me, I'm the one he wants to be with for the rest of his.

We have certainly had our ups and our downs, as any relationship has, and through it all, I have never doubted that he is my soul mate, and the exact person God chose for me to share my life with.

I love him now more than I did almost 12 years ago, and I can't wait to love him for a lifetime more.

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