Leaving on a Jet Plane....


Or should I say, Left on a Jet Plane?

I haven't blogged about the trip that we are on mainly because we've had so much preparation that I haven't had time to talk about it here but also because so many things had to "fall into place" for it to actually happen.

It all started about six weeks ago when Jim's boss found out about a flight leaving from the 186th Air Refueling Wing in Meridian, MS going to Hickam AFB (Air Force Base). If you don't know where that is, it's located on the main island, Oahu, Hawaii. He heard that there were approximately 40-50 seats available, but they would be classified as "Space A" ("a" as is available) seating. To put it simple, this means "first come first serve". We could make all the plans we wanted to - excursions to see jaw-dropping waterfalls, us watching beautiful sunsets, me in a hula skirt - but if we weren't as high priority as someone else, or if all the necessary forms weren't approved, the closest we would get to Hawaii is one of those little hula dancers that rests on the dashboards of cards (and I don't even have a clue as to where I could get one of those things).

In the mean time, Jim did all he could to stay on top of finding out any info possible via e-mail. We knew the specifics such as "showtime" (approximately 3 hours before take off) and made plans accordingly such as packing and when my parents would get Jake. (No, he is not with us this time. We knew the flying conditions would not be ideal for him, and we also wanted to have a getaway for just the two of us-sort of like a second honeymoon since we didn't really have much of one when we married).

We arrived in Meridian at 7:00am, ate a quick breakfast, and then reported for roll call at the PAX (Passenger) terminal. Our names were already on the list thanks to Jim faxing and e-mailing it 2 days early, so all we had to do was sit and wait for roll call. This would be the defining moment. We waited for what seemed like forever (I think it was more like 15 minutes, though), and then roll call began. About halfway through the list, we heard, "Landers?" WE WERE IN! We were officially on our way to Oahu! I jumped and screamed for joy, waving my arms and shouting, "I'm going to Hawaii, Baby!" (Just kidding-it was only in my mind and in a mass text message. I'm sure you were embarassed for me already, so now you're relieved that I didn't actually do that).

We than had a few more things to do...check our baggage, get weighed (yes, I'm serious), and watch a cheesy video about the aircraft we would be flying on and what to do in an emergency situation (they could have just spared us all and said, Pray...but whatever. I would have watched a biography on King Tut if I had to, just to be able to get on that plane). We were then finally taken out to the tar mat by bus and boarded the plane. I called my mom one last time to let her know we were getting ready to take off. Jake was too busy to talk, so I didn't hear his voice except for background noise. But that let me know he's having a ball spending time with the best grandparents he could have asked for, so it's all good with me.

So we were on our way! We had a 9 hour flight (should have been 7, but it was windy - this was still less than commercial, though, which would have been about 14 with at least 1 stop). We kept busy by reading books, munching on snacks, meeting the other passengers, yelling at each other so we could hear each other talk (we were required to wear ear plugs because it was really loud), working on crossword puzzles, and writing this post (which is why it's so long because there wasn't much else to do).

So be on the lookout this week for updates from Oahu. I may not blog every day but when I do, you may get more than one post at a time because we do have to pay for Internet service so I want to make it count. I'll also try to post pictures along the way, and of course I'll have more to share when we get home.

Until next time, Aloha!

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  1. Cindi, I am so glad that you got on the plane!! I hope that y'all have a wonderful time! Can't wait to see your awesome tan when you come back!