Our New Year's Eve in Review


It's one down and two to go in our house.

Jim threw in the towel on trying to make it to midnight at around 8 o'clock, but Jake and I are still going strong. Jake is reclining on our couch next to me watching Thundarr the Barbarian on the Boomerang channel, and I'm battling reflux/indigestion, checking my e-mail, making umpteen trips to the bathroom because I've had well over the recommended intake of water, and debating on whether or not to eat just one or maybe even two more of the cookies Jim baked earlier tonight.

Today has been oh so fun! The weather has been warm - warm enough for Jim to play a round of golf while I actually did things that make me feel like I'm a stay-at-home-mom all over again. After an episode of Live with Regis and Kelly and The Martha Stewart Show, Jake and I started our day off with an hour at the Children's Hands On Museum and a run through the drive-thru at McDonald's for lunch. After two episodes of Caillou, chicken nuggets, french fries, and one fish sandwich later, we spent the next two hours outside. Jake rode the new Toy Story scooter he got from his grandparents for Christmas like he stole it, hit a few golf balls, flipped over backwards on his swing set (Yeah, that wasn't the best part of our day, but I thought I would share it anyway.), and antagonized our two dogs (or at least that's how they see it) while he found a place for me to rest (He really and truly did. "Mommy, you sit right here and rest, alright? And you can watch me, okay?) and watch it all.

One three-year old bathed and a little bit of making sense out of the chaos in our den later (chaos equals white powder from donuts eaten for a snack on the floor, superhero figures lined up neatly on our coffee table, and orange bullets from his Nerf gun stuck to the walls), Jim came home. We ordered dinner out, rented a few movies, and it was off to dreamland for me. I woke up around 6:30 with completely unswollen legs (Yes, they are back to normal now ninety percent of the time.) and the taste of acid in my mouth from this case of reflux I've got. Jim baked cookies, we talked a while, and I handed off the sleep baton.

Now here we sit, and since I've been typing, Jake has drifted off to sleep next to me on the couch. It's also raining cats and dogs outside which I guess means no fireworks for anyone who bought them (we did not).

I'm waiting for the ball and Parker to drop. Yes, I can't honestly say it's about time. It's been real, it's been fun, (though not always real fun), and I'm ready to get this punkin' here safe, sound, and healthy. By the way, I don't think I've mentioned that my follow-up appointment this past Monday went terrific. My blood pressure was almost as good as new, and we got to take a peak at the baby himself. He weighed 5 pounds 11 ounces...almost as much as Jake did when he was born two weeks from this gestational age...and looked perfectly squished in his head-down position. I swear, if I could have reached in, grabbed him, and plopped him on my chest all by myself, I would have. Makes my head spin just thinking about what a unexpectedly blessed 2010 we've had and what an exciting 2011 it is to come!

Speaking of 2011, it won't be long now before it's here, I need to make another trip to the bathroom, Jake's bed is calling his name (Thank goodness because we aren't fitting on this couch so well anymore.), and I have some photos to edit that I took of him riding his scooter today, so I'm going to call it a wrap for this post.

Happy 2011, Everyone!

Extreme TV

After several episodes under my belt of Toddlers & Tiaras...

during their all-day marathon on Thursday, I'm pretty sure I used drama, Prozac, wooden spoon, four year old sucking a pacifier, their makeup looks better than mine ever has, meltdowns, and no amount of money is worth that almost all in one sentence when Jim asked me what in the world I was watching.

And here's a new one...My Strange Addiction.

A woman who eats toilet paper, one who eats laundry detergent, another who sleeps with her hair dryer, and this one who is a non-stop ventriloquist - yeah, it's strange...you hit the nail on the head with that title!

And there is absolutely no way, no how I can leave out the Duggar family.

I'm seriously hoping 2011 will be the year the name of this show will go from 19 Kids & Counting to 19 Kids & No More Counting.

Speaking of 2011, I cannot believe today is the last day of the year 2010! 

I hope your 2010 was as incredible as mine has been, and here's to 2011 (without any of the above TV listings being set to record on my DVR).

Who Ya Gonna Call?


So this was my "Who to Call" list that I made when I was just weeks (or maybe even months) away from Jake's birth day (And yes, I'll forgive you if you think this was completely overdoing it just a little and call me weird or anal right about now. Even I have those thoughts when I look at it now, and I definitely won't get into what my sister had to say about it when she saw it for the first time.).

But just like I do now with Parker (because I seriously sleep an average of four to five hours each night on top of being ordered by my doctor to rest as much as possible), I had lots of time on my hands for the same reasons with Jake (or at least that's my excuse anyway, and it wasn't because I really am capable of being this anal).

Anyway, since I'd like to think I'm as organized this time around (and not feeling like I'm doing everything at the eleventh hour), I figure why not just update this one and use it all over again. 

And as for my sister...well...at least she won't be as surprised this time, right?

Room for Parker


Well, we've made room for Parker...

and made a room just for him!

We took it "To the Zoo" (the name of the pattern of the main fabric)...

and filled it with books to read, blocks to stack, toys on strings to pull, diapers to change, stuffed giraffes, monkeys, and elephants to hold.

And now we just wait for it to be filled with the best thing of all...


Sharks and Snow Flurries


Yes, I broke the rules yesterday...the rules of bed rest.

I actually broke them in more ways than one.

I not only left the confines of my bed and the confines of the inside of my house. I left my residence all together. But I won't get into justifying why actually leaving was for a worthy cause. I'll just back up to the part where I went outside my back and front doors and show you photos that I took of Jake (and half of Jim since just his legs are showing) when he went frolicking in the snow - the photos where sharks (the forms in which his hats and mittens are made of) meet snow flurries...


most definitely...

worth getting out of bed and breaking the rules for!

Geez! Where did this week go? I almost forgot!...


to post my "What I'm Loving" this week.

But since I didn't...here goes...

I'm loving...

that we've watched snowflakes fall on and off for the past two days.

that mine and Parker's bags are p.a.c.k.e.d. Yep! He and I are ready and set which means now the thought of hearing that it's Go time doesn't freak me out so much.

celebrating Christmas with my family - the people I love most in the whole wide world.

Ice! I've never been an ice-eater in all my life, but it's now my any-time-of-day (or night), gotta-have-it craving. Weird, I know.

that my mom is still here (she decided to stay behind yesterday and let my dad, sister, and niece leave without her) and has done so much like cooking us a full-fledged breakfast this morning and helping Jim make our house look like Christmas never happened (except for all the new toys that are ev-er-y-where that Jake has acquired over the last twenty-four hours, of course).

that earlier this week marked the beginning of a long break from a little thing I do for nearly forty hours each week called work (a break until January 3rd to be exact).  Can I get a woo hoo?!


Fellow blogger, former co-worker, and friend of mine, Kayla, tagged me recently in one of her posts, and now it's up to me to reveal seven things you may not know about me.

By the way, I love, love, love Kayla, and if I could, I would clone two of her at the age of two and have arranged marriages for Jake and Parker. Just sayin'.

So here goes:

I own every single episode of every season of Dawson's Creek. And if it weren't for the time I spend catching up on my current reality TV shows, I would watch them over and over again in any spare time I had to actually sit down and watch TV.

I once played a dog in an elementary school play. That's about all I'll say about that.

When I'm in the mood, one of the loves of my life is to clean, but I absolutely hate to dust. I give credit to my mom for that one because that's just about the only chore she gave me when I was growing up.

Another thing I absolutely hate to do is say Goodbye.

Something I never learned to do is skate backwards. Roller skate, ice skate, you name it.  Only forward motion for me. But you better believe I worked it out going in that one direction I knew how.

Another thing I've never learned to do is crochet.  I have an aunt that used to do it for hours on end but somehow never picked up on her talent.  But now since I really, really want to see Parker wearing those to-die-for cute beanie hats, I've put it on my list of New Year's Resolutions for the coming year.

And last but not least, I think one of the hardest things to go through in life is losing a pet.  Gets me every single time, and some I never get over.

Merry Christmas


From Our Family to Yours!

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. ~Isaiah 9:6

I'll Be Home for Christmas


Oh yeah, I'll definitely be here.

And enjoying the look of Christmas tree ornaments...

and the stockings that hang from our mantle.

I'll also still be wearing Parker around my waistline.

Because he and I are doing wonderfully.

We've been doing almost absolutely nothing but chillin' like villans.

I say almost because he is as active as ever (he's definitely breaking the mold when it comes to "slowing down that last month" like most babies his gestational age do), and me...well, I took photos this afternoon of the Christmas decorations we finally finished putting out (before my twenty-four hour stay in Labor & Delivery) from the comfort of my couch and recliner (And yes, I'm resting now in case you were wondering. Laptops...what would we do without them, right?)

I do have one more thing I need to do before I call it a night, though, that's definitely worth me getting out of bed for.

Cookies, Milk, Criss Cross Crash, Ho Ho Ho...need I say more?!

Merry Christmas Eve, Everyone!



High Blood Pressure: 159 over 113 when I arrived at my doctor's office yesterday morning

Admission to Labor and Delivery: A pair of these,

four viles of blood, automated blood pressure checks every thirty minutes, collecting urine samples for twenty-four hours straight, listening to Parker's hiccups, movements, and heartbeat, and sending the love of my life out at odd hours for magazines and sour gummy worms

Getting this today

and being able to spend Christmas at home with my family: Priceless!

Swelling, Stuffing, and Santa


That last couple of nights at our house have been low-key.

Swellin' (kind of sounds like Sue Ellen when I say that real fast. Huh? Anyway...) has become my middle name just this week. My toes look like they belong on another person's feet, and I'm down to one pair of shoes that are work-attire appropriate.  It's weird how this stuff just creeps up on an eight-month pregnant woman all of a sudden (What's also weird is that Parker just kicked me so hard that it made me type a wrong letter. I guess I should have left it just to remember the moment, but I absolutely hate it when I make a typo. Anyway...).  

By low-key I mean there have still been dishes to do, Christmas card envelopes to be stuffed, dogs to feed, toys to be picked up, and teacher's gift sacks to be filled. So it hasn't exactly been the come home, eat dinner, watch a little Survivor or Giuliana & Bill, take a hot bath kind of nights, but believe me, I've been trying.  

But with a "mini me" with boy parts stripping completely naked and getting into my freshly run bathtub of perfect temperature water and  taking a major leak in it, it leaves me to take a shower instead...which means more standing...and standing equals not good for swelling...see what I mean?    And that's just my shower fantasy not coming true.  You can take a guess at how the TV watching and becoming a couch potato for the night go sour.  Sigh...

Speaking of work (but no more about attire, for real), Jake is super glad Santa is hard at work.  I think I mentioned we took him to see him weekend before last.  And since I haven't shared this photo of them together, I will now.

They actually had a really cute conversation.

Once they got introductions out of the way...you know the usual - name, age, stuff like that...it was on to the BIG question.

"Now Jake?  What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?"

The three words that flowed from Jake's lips were exactly what I expected..."Criss Cross Crash!"

They talked about that the infamous Criss Cross Crash for another moment or two, and then Santa asked the second BIG question. 

"So Jake tell Santa.  Have you been a good boy this year?" 

His response, "Ummmmm...(long pause)....yeah!  In that moment and in my head, I heard the record scratch.  Everyone got quiet, and everyone froze except for Santa and I.  I swooped in, looked him in the eye, and said, "Now Santa.  You did catch the part where he told you he is three years old right?  Oh okay, you did.  Well, you've been around a lot longer that I have, so I know YOU know the real answer to your question, right?  But you'll roll with it, won't you?  Whew!  Okay, just checking."  

Santa looked over at me, and noticed Parker (who I decided not to sit on his lap so he would be able walk again once the next twenty kids behind us got through sitting on the same knee), and asked Jake about his baby brother.  Jake told him just as we've been coaching him about his arrival - "He will come after you come to my house and bring me presents."  Santa laughed and asked if he could count on Jake to be a great big brother and helper to Mommy when he came.  Jake nodded his head yes.  I was so melted, I tell you.

Then a few more words were exchanged, a great big hug, and goodbyes. 

I swear, I wished I had had my video camera.  It was truly priceless, and I'll never forget it. 

I hope Jake doesn't either. 

Last but not least...

It's Friday, Ya'll!! 

And Parker and I are shaking our tail feathers!

A Touch of Class


Or I guess I should say...A Touch of Jake's Classroom because this...

is something he brought home from school today.

Looks like the Christmas spirit is here...


Aww heck...with only 11 day to go...

it's Everywhere!

It's Beautiful


I'm now the proud owner of cankles

and Parker somehow gained seven pounds in the last two weeks...

but it's beautiful!

The hair on my belly is actually visible (and measurable for that matter) in places,

my legs get (partially) shaved once a week (if they're lucky),

and my belly button is just about no where to be found (although I hear it cry out for help ever so often so I know it's there some where)...

but it's beautiful!

My boobs are able to rest on the ledge (a.k.a. my abdomen) that catches crumbs from my breakfast, lunch, and dinner,

and my ribs have become punching bags...

but it's beautiful!

Collecting a urine sample isn't as easy as it used to be,

and I put my socks and shoes on like a man...

but it's beautiful!

You can hear not just one heartbeat, but two, beating from the walls of my body,

and I've contemplated buying stock in Palmer's cocoa butter lotion ...

but it's beautiful!

I've experienced a miracle first hand all over again...

And It's Beautiful!

What I'm Loving This Week


I'm loving...

that I don't have to repeat certain parts of the last six days! Three audits at three different college campuses, nine hours on the road, a hotel room undergoing maintenance repairs, contractions out the ying-yang, and a visit to OB Triage later, I'm so so glad this week is over!...

that my Christmas shopping for my niece is done! And now it's on to the grandparents...

the feeling that I got when I looked into my backseat and saw Parker's pumpkin seat there, completely installed, just waiting for him to hit the open roads with me...

that I finally got around to ordering the contact lenses that I've been meaning to start wearing since August...

the smell of the clean sheets that are on my bed as I'm sitting here writing this blog post...

that my Christmas cards will be here any day now...

that we got to see lots and lots of snow flurries coming down this morning...

that I have tons to look forward to in the week to come!

Whip it...Whip it real good


My word, the wind has been kicking today! As I laid awake this morning way before it was actually time to be awake, it sounded like a two hundred pound bird was swooping by our bedroom window!

Okay, so that's the only thing I really have to say about wind, so if the title of this post doesn't make sense anymore, it's not you. I somehow got that song in my head when I laid awake listening to the wind, and it's stuck with me all day. And maybe that's because we were out in it several times.

But right now...it's all about what I'm loving...so here goes...

that I've managed to take two afternoon naps in the last two days....

the check mark next to "Take Jake to see Santa" on my Things To Do list (And yes, he told Santa exactly what he wanted him to bring him...And yes, it was priceless!)...

our completely decorated Christmas tree...

my latest addition to my DVR...Bridal Plasty (Like I needed one more right?  But seriously, I can't help this one.  I watched one episode today, and now I can't bear to miss a minute of it!)...

that it's cold enough to wear turtlenecks and sweaters, which means I can wear my sports bra every day of the week...because now it's the only one that fits around my upper waist...

my family...because they make my life complete!

Hello Saturday!


Holy cow what a fast week this has been!

I have no sure fire answer as to why, though.

Maybe it's because it was actually a short work week for me. Parker and I are now getting our weight gain check on, our blood pressure check on, our urinalysis check on, our heart rate check on, and our growth check on every two weeks now. So Monday was our 32-week appointment for that which means my routine day was cut in half to take care of that business. (All checked out beautifully, by the way).

On Tuesday, we carpooled as a family. It was raining cats and dogs (well, not really, but you knew that), my umbrella has bitten the dust (it will only stay supported by the wire underneath on one side), and Jim didn't have to be at work quite as early as usual since this was technically a "dead" week for his students, so we saved a half gallon of gas (or more...or less...I have no idea...a half gallon just sounded good, I guess), and I didn't have to get soaked or even wear my rain boots.

The rest of the week there were lunch dates, visits to child care facilities for Parker, Christmas gifts bought (Doing Santa's job is a tough one! Lucky him he has parents that help him out. Poor Guy! He'd never get it all done!), haircuts, six loads of laundry, and one Christmas card received in the mail.

Now it's Saturday.

The dryer is running. Jim is trimming our crepe myrtles, and Jake is waiting patiently to help him wash our vehicles. I'm enjoying my TV on in the background, writing "Thank You" cards, throwing away coupons that are expired, handing out popcorn and honey buns, and wondering how I'll end this blog post.

Hope your Saturday is as enjoyable as mine has been so far!

Perfect Examples


These are



of my attempts

at getting

the perfect

Christmas card



And by now I'm sure you can hear the chanting going on...practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect.......