Pool Party


Every year at the end of t-ball season, the whole league gets together, families included, for one big pool party.  This year's was last Thursday and so. much. fun (as if his expression didn't say that for me).

It was great not only to get to know some of his teammates' parents and catch up with some we've known for more than just this season, but also to watch the little dude get his first taste of "swimming".  

The zero entry was a total hit.  He could choose his own comfort level - which by the end of the night was as deep as I'd let him go.  He totally went for it after crawling and cruising in and out of the water for most of the time we were there, got all the way to the middle, and pulled himself right up to the "island".  Can somebody blow me a whistle?    

One of Jake's besties, Eric is behind and to the left of him in the grey t-shirt.  Besides both being Sandlot members, they were K4 classmates all year, and I hope that doesn't change in August.

At the end of the night, he got his trophy and a serious case of hunger pains.  Nothing a little cheese quesadilla from Moe's couldn't fix.          

Way to play ball this year, Buddy!  You threw hard, hit hard, and most importantly loved every minute of it!  Go Blue Angels!

memorial monday


Shoes of this kind...

are the biggest to fill.

Thank you, Babe, for the twenty three years you served to keep us free, and thanks to all of those who have and who still do make it their mission every day to do the same.

His future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades.



I have no idea where he got these.  But he brought them in from the garage this morning and has worn them most of the day - either on his face or pushed up on top of his head.  How about that little guitar on the upper right lens?  And just for extra flare, Rock On Snoopy is printed on each side.

just wednesday


Yesterday, Jake went with his classmates to Shark Tooth Creek with Jim as his chaperon.  

I actually had to Google the place this morning to see what all they may have done while they were there besides collect shark's teeth because other than, "Yeah, we had a real good time." when I asked how it was hoping he would expand and moans and groans about "I didn't get to keep any."  Well sure you did.  I see a bunch in that bag.  "That's not a bunch.  That's nothin'!"...I got "nothin'". 

According to Jim, that bag was almost halfway full, and they had a total of 4.25 pounds of shark's teeth; but the maximum each person could keep was fifteen.  I guess if I was five and looking at sixteen (he counted one as two and ended up with an extra one) compared to probably a hundred, it might look like none to me too.

These are his favorites.

And at Parker's preschool, it was "Pizza and PJ Day". 

He had been wearing them all day, so I figured what was another thirty-minute walk around the neighborhood.

What was great was just after he got a little bit beyond our mailbox, he looked up at Jim and grunted for him to stop.  Then he "cruised" his way around the side, situated himself next to the seat and tried to climb in all by himself.  Guess he decided he'd forgo the "walking" part of going for a walk and ride instead. 

the notebook


It's so hard to wrap my mind around - maybe when I write this it'll sink in - that this school year is two days away from over.  Unreal is what this week is...their last few days of K4 and Infant Class aka "The Purple Room" (because the door to it is painted purple).

What I love about it (this week) besides the field trip that Jake will go on tomorrow with his daddy to Shark Tooth Creek and the class parties that'll go down (Parker's is tomorrow, and Jake's is Thursday.) are the notebooks full of things they created throughout the year.  They make me laugh, they make me cry.  And I look at every single page feeling like I just got the pieces of my heart back that I give away every day at 8am.

A few excerpts of Jake's "journal"...

and a little of his exquisite artwork...

His August to May in a notebook - Here are a few of Parker's keepsakes...

"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11 ~Taken from the letter written to Jake by his K4 teacher, Mrs. Lang

one for the road

One of the best things about going to Grandma's....

 is the one last sugar high for the road.  

You know he's thinking, "BEST Grandma E-VER!!!!!!"

I love how festive my mom is already with those red, white, and blue, star-shaped marshmallows (July 4th is only a few, six, short weeks away, you know.).  That's just like her.



This weekend Grandma and Grandpa got Parker a new set of wheels (Thank you Mom and Dad for the time, energy, and love you gave to our boys over the past two days.).

It's one of those three-in-one trikes that will "grow" as he grows, and he is all over this thing. 

With his toothbrush in one hand and his cup in the other, we walked around our neighborhood late yesterday.  

Every few minutes, he'd use the foot rests to push on so he could ride standing up - a major thrill for sure which is why he's absolutely crazy about it.  

Thank you G's!  We love it!  Our everyday walks our guaranteed to never be the same.

all in a day's work



This morning he asked me, "Mom.  Did you like your Mother's Day present?"  And I said, Absolutely! and told him I even took it to work with me and put it on my desk and showed it to all the girls.  And then he said, "Well, did you tell them your son made it?"

Number 3


So I'm pretty sure every Saturday morning I die of cuteness when I sit to watch Jake play T-ball.

If you've never seen the controlled chaos of a game of T-ball, the best way I can describe it is this - it's as precious as a newborn baby (or if you're a mom to all girls...a dance studio full of tutus).  

Those little gloves go down in the grass but only after the ball is already behind it.  And the speed with which they run is...well...anything but speed.

These are all from Jake's game a week ago this past Saturday.

The name his team came up with to call themselves is "Blue Angels" (completely inspired by when they were here for the air show last month).  This year they're actually being pitched to some in preparation for the real deal, and Jake's done awesome.  He definitely misses here and there, but he's getting it off the bat.  Way to go, Buddy!

As for Parker,  oh he's there - eating, pointing, "Ball! Ball!", and soaking it all in.

Just like this Mama.