weekdays and weekends {lately}


I feel so much has happened, and that makes it hard to know where to start.  I guess the biggest "biggie" is the fact that we've survived the first two weeks of back-to-school.  The second week because practice makes routine.  The first week many, many, many thanks to my mom.

She came the Sunday before the first day of school to "keep me company" while Jim was in Tennessee (work stuff), and before we even made it through the carpool line the next morning, I needed her more than ever when Parker's temp went up to over 102 (his second fever in three weeks - this time it was just viral).  She kept him at home with her for three days; and on top of taking care of him, I came home to a cleaner house than when I left that morning and my favorites for dinner.  My love runs deep...ocean deep.

Jim got back home, the weekend came, and so did his 43rd birthday.  So to celebrate, we got away.  Just for the night to one of our favorite places...Ross Bridge Birmingham.  We swam, we ate, we walked.  We (did not) sleep.  The next morning we walked again and swam again, and before we came home, we shopped the Galleria for Legos and went for a ride on the carousel.  Jim replaced his twenty year old pillows (I do not exaggerate.), and I walked away with two skirts and a dress from Francesca's (trendy, inexpensive, I'm loving it).  

We got home, and it was just in time for sickness number three for Parker (stomach virus).  Besides hoping he'd had all he could get by then, I couldn't quit thinking about the timing of it all and saying thank you prayers that we made it all the way home with all of these moments shared.  

God is good.  

Happy (Long) Weekending, All!

DC {in one post}


We've been there and seen this one, so I really didn't have my camera on me much. And really we didn't do that much because we knew what we had been told about how much walking we'd do in New York. But we did take a tour of the Capitol...we watched the Nationals play the Braves in a game of baseball...we walked to see the White House...and we worked our way in and out of several of our most loved Smithsonian Museums. These made my favorites list with Kermit ranking in at number one (wouldn't have left without seeing him) and the duck's tush in the air filling up the number two spot (Shake whatcha momma gave ya, Donald).

new shoes, no shirt, no problems


While I try to find a good balance between blogging pictures from our week away (which to me might be like a really good story - it's only as good if you were actually there to witness what happened), here's something recent of Parker rocking his brand new New Balances.

Give the little kid a new pair of shoes, and he's - as Phil from Duck Dynasty would say - "Happy, Happy, Happy"!

back in session


Well, yesterday was the big day. Day one of another school year and on Sunday when the reality of it all set in and I thought about taking the infamous back to school picture of Jake, I remembered that I had barely even looked at the ones I took of him in his cap and gown right after his Kindergarten graduation. And if that doesn't say time flies, I'm not sure what would. Geez!

I keep telling myself that our morning could have gone so much worse than it did. What first day back to school would be complete without a little drama? More importantly, all's well that ends well. When I picked him up, we talked about his day that went so great, and all in one breath he told me, "Mom, I was the ONLY one who didn't go in time out. The ONLY ONE! Wasn't that good, Mom? I mean I guess that just means I was ready for first grade."

Yep, you really are ready, Baby.

five on friday


New York, for me, was all that and a bag o' chips.  Jim and I neither one had ever been, and it was on our bucket list of must-see places.  So when I was asked to go to DC for a few days, we seized the opportunity and took advantage of already being so close and spent three full days taking it all in. 

Like right out of a movie scene, the streets were crowded, horns were honking, taxis were being hailed, the buildings went as high as you could see when you stood right next to them and looked up, and the shopping...I'm still speechless.

Sidenote...I started this yesterday, so the title is what it is even though it's Saturday.

I hope your weekend is as fabulous as you are!

because ladies go first and because she was my no. 1 must see...Lady Liberty

catching up is hard to do


Our plane landed on Saturday afternoon at almost half past one, and as of right now, this accountant and momma is still trying to get her groove back (in both areas of my life).

About Parker...he is healed and whole as of last Friday. His fever finally broke on Thursday my mom said, and within twenty-four hours, he was letting it all hang out because Jake's Kindle got taken away from him for throwing it - good as new. Thank you Lord and thank you mom and dad for being me and Jim in "grand" form through it all. You are superstars!

Two major cities in one week did not disappoint; but I still love this view more than anything from a little time spent at the playground the Tuesday before we left.

DC and NYC coming up!

I'm really missing this.


While Jim and I spend a week away, the Grands are holding down our fort for us. I had to come up to DC to attend a conference for work that started on Monday. We left on Sunday to spend a few days here, and later this morning we are taking a train up to NYC to spend the rest of our week there. Yep very excited - I'm up an hour earlier than I need to be, but I'm definitely missing my honeys, and I especially hate feeling helpless when Parker is sick.

Last Wednesday when I picked him up from preschool, he was running a low grade fever, so I took him in to see his pediatrician early Thursday morning. He tested positive for strep, so he prescribed an antibiotic for him. Since then, he's developed a rash, his fever just won't break, and my mom has had him back twice for blood work and a chest X-ray. His chest X-ray was clear and his blood work didn't show signs of anything super serious ( hands in the air to that), so now all of our fingers are crossed and even he's been praying at night with his Grands that he'll feel like Parker again any second now. I'll try to drop in and let you know when he does.

Happy Hump Day, All!