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caught in the act shoe

five {plus} on friday


Just knocking out a few more from our trip to NYC.  

Have mercy, I'm so siked that it's Friday.  Parker is with his grands this weekend, so it's just Jim and I and the big kid.  Tonight we used a Groupon and went bowling, ate dinner right afterwards, and now Jake's sporting the new (temporary, of course) Avengers tattoo he paid fifty cents for from the vending machine at the bowling alley.  I talked to Parker before his bedtime, and he's living large riding with my dad on his tractor, so we're all smiles.  And it's not even Saturday.  

Happy Weekending, All!         

"...{I'll} eat you up {I} love you so."


Better watch your back, Baby.  I just might I really do love you so.

"I do it, Mommy!"


Uh-oh...look at me go...posting twice in one day...crazy, crazy.  

Wow, I've been up way too many hours for my brain to keep trucking, so prepping the rest of my King of the Wild Things photos just ain't happening.  

So I found one of the little kid instead that I didn't post from the same evening that I watched him play on that huge pile of rocks.  Is he big time or what?  

Goodnight, All!

sneak peek

Some time last week, I logged into Pinterest just to see what I could see, and I found a picture that I pinned aaaaages ago of two little boys cuddled up under a homemade tent.  My brain wheels started  turning, and I dreamed up a little theme just for Jake based off of one of his faaaavorite books, Where the Wild Things Are. 

After one trip to Hobby Lobby, one trip to Lowe's, and one trip to the cheapest (but with amazing quality) fabric warehouse, this is what came to life. 

Lots more to share, but this is the only one I managed to upload before we jetted out the door this morning.

Fall is in the air, Peeps! Happy Monday to ya!



The big kid can't get enough of playing basketball in the backyard, and I can't get enough of drooling over these Summer sunsets.  It's a win-win for both of us

in his element

as for me and my house... {alternately titled: I'm still here. or: I'm tired. Either one will do.}


As for Jim, I usually find him like this...

or this...

He's recently bought a 37 year old Corvette Stingray that takes up half of our garage, half of his free time, and at least half of his play money.  It's also the talk of any male that sees it...even the littlest of our neighbors.

As for Jake, he's killing first grade (All A's so far other than the B he has in penmanship.  His handwriting is neat.  But he doesn't always use the lines on his paper the right way.  Sometimes his lowercase letters don't stay beneath the dotted line in the middle, and other times he doesn't make enough space between words.), and he's had a staph infection.  It started out as what looked like a heat rash on his tush, but nothing was helping until my mom came the day before school started and suggested I use Neosporin.  The redness shrunk nearly overnight, and it formed a white head that finally burst.  About two weeks later it reappeared so I took him to his pediatrician.  He lanced it to relieve the pressure, sent a sample to the lab, and started him on an antibiotic.  Since then he's been back once to have it rechecked, he's finished his meds, and the spot where it was lanced is almost completely healed. #whewgladthatsover #firsttimeforeverything #onceisenoughforme...andhim.

As for Parker, taking his sippy away has taken its toll.  The first few nights were a little better than I expected, and it finally didn't seem to be very missed.  But the weekend after we took it away came, he began to refuse to sleep at all (in his bed anyway), and I think we were all getting less sleep than we did when he was six weeks old.  I tried hanging out in his room until he fell asleep, and I gave in to him sleeping between us, but even that wasn't working.  He'd wake up crying and running to our room, and our bed isn't big enough for three.  So Jake moved into his top bunk, and Parker moved into the bottom.  It's still been a big adjustment, but with the exception of two out of the last seven nights (one of them being last night) in a row, all of us have been sleeping like rocks.  PTL with a hand clap.

As for me, I've been up since three am which means today is going to be a loooong day.  PAR! KERRRRR!

More of our latelys to come.  

throwback thursday {05.25.13}


wheeeeere's Parker?

there he is!

hello, summer!


What is the deal with this sudden heat wave? We have had the highest temperatures we've had all Summer, I think, in the past five days, and it has been crazy hot.

So to the pool we've gone.

They've gone from being open daily to weekends only, and I already can't imagine how much we're going to miss this place when they shut 'er down October one.



A week ago today, I took Parker to see his dentist for his six month cleaning appointment.  During his checkup, his dentist raised his eyebrow of concern over the slight overbite he's developing.  

So he started asking questions about whether or not he uses a pacifier and well...his cup is his pacifier.  It's his go-to source of comfort - his lovie - especially at night so my heart just sank when he had the talk with me and the talk with P about taking it away.  He's the baby and except for his itty bitty teeth, it's one of the last things that make him baby.  

I came home and mourned another milestone down and went through our cabinet of cups and only kept one (maybe later on it will go too but for now I just like knowing it's there).  

So far so-so on saying our goodbyes.  The number of times he wakes up at night in search of it is getting fewer and farther between, so we're getting there.

I'll keep you posted.   

labor day lovin'


Today is Labor Day which means we've had an extra day away from work and school.

Jim has to be in Montgomery tomorrow morning, so he made plans to leave today, take Parker with him, and hang with my family for the day and night putting him that much closer to where he needs to be tomorrow.  

So when he made his plans, my neighbor Erin and I made our own to take Jake and her boys to the McWane Center in B'ham.  They've used their annual passes several times this Summer and Jake had been once for a Summer camp field trip, but they'd never been together so this was a big, big deal.

A few things...

They felt the force of hurricane strong winds, balanced balls on streams of water, played tug of war, watched a science experiment using an empty plastic bottle and a balloon, and made walls out of bubbles.  

Needless to say, they wore it out and us too.  I think the only rest Erin and I got was laying on a bed of nails and sitting long enough to devour lunch.

Back to the grind early tomorrow, so here's just one from our day of the three of them watching the fish finish their lunch.

Goodnight, All!

this little piggy {went to market}...


update: grocery shopping for the week (at least until we figure out what it is we forgot)...check.