Words fail me as I sit here and get lost in his world.


just parker


...from a walk that we took to the picnic area and boat dock that our home owner's association had built last Summer. The crazy steep workout was worth it so he could throw sticks and count boats. Whatever works.

As many unspoken words written on his face say that he is, he really wasn't mad at me at all. I sat in front of him and crossed my legs just like his so he could see how I wanted him to sit and then I bossed him around a little more and asked him not to smile and to give himself a big hug. He wrinkled his forehead in deep thought and made his move and said, "Wike dis, Mommy?"

I swear I could see his soul from four feet away.

until I find the minutes and the words...a little {much-needed} visit to my happy place