what sixty plus hours of "snowed in" looks like {alternately titled: if you can't be 'em...join 'em}


saturday here


He already has this little love affair with Toy Story anyway.

So when movie number three came on the tube, he was easily inspired to play with some of his favorite toys.

Woody and Jessie gave each other lots of hugs and kisses, Rex did his best to scare Jake as he chased him around our kitchen, and Bullseye left his hoofprints all over our living room while his cowboy yelled, "Diddyup yorsey! Diddyup yorsey!"

December 25, 2013 | 6:24 AM

throwback thursday


In honor of the fact that Jim called me at work just to say, "I'm actually excited to go back. Don't know why. I just am."...the remainder of our Disney vacay just for him. And me and you.

We jumped ship super early that Sunday morning. No time to waste because they want you outta there!

With plans to park hop for four days, we designated Sunday as a day just to check in to our new home away from home for the week, eat, and shop. So that's how we spent it which means we wasted it away at Downtown Disney. When it was all said and done and we looked at the forecast, it showed rain, rain. Rain. And more rain. which made us rethink.

After three days at sea and turkey on the brain, we decided to cut our trip short, avoid the rain, use just one day of our four-day park passes, make it home in time to spend Thanksgiving with our whole family, and go back when school's out.

All four parks in just one day. We started at 8am at Animal and ended at 1am at Magic. Parker slept through Epcot with the excpetion of Nemo's ride, and we put both of them on a blue cotton candy sugar high around eight. They were troopers. So were we.

It's a Small World? Just as small at midnight.

And oh my goh that castle. I couldn't pick just one.

Are we there yet?



It's undeniably been way way too long.

Looking at this one of the little kid as he turned another year older and realizing I haven't even blogged about it reminds me best of that fact.

I woke him up last Wednesday morning, sang two verses of Happy Birthday to him, and said "Oh Parks, I can't believe you're three. You are THREE.YEARS.OLD today. WOOOOW!" Pushy. I know.

He smiled once - maybe twice - while he stretched and I sang, but his response to my overreaction to his new age was that little frown and "I not wont be thwee."

After a whole week, in some ways I'm not so sure I "wont" him to be "thwee" either.

Babies. They just don't stay babies.