{while we wait for storms to pass...a few of our Disney magic moments in waiting}


while we waited in line to meet Snow White

and while we waited outside while Jim braved the line for lunch (He was playing I spy on two ducks that were taking cover from him in the bushes.)...

while Parker and I waited for Jim and Jake to ride Splash Mountain (If I had thought he was really as tame as he seemed, I would have reached out and touched him.)

and while they waited for their names to be sewn onto their "ears" (They chose the pink cotton candy she made.)...

Every one.  Worth it.

three on thursday {I like numbers okay?}


Just a week before our Spring Break, we changed our plans to go back to Disney World to use the last three days of our four-day park hopper tickets that we left on the table back in November and go in March instead of waiting until June. When I take a look back, I realize planning for and being on this trip is where this streak of silence all got started. Getting closer...

I have more - though it might be getting old - but I gotta deliver...at least for Grandma anyway. Here's three for now of the magic - all from the Kingdom of Magic.

1. {my little chauffer...so careful and so undistracted}

2. {my view on Main Street...and this trip I had their "ears" monogrammed at La Chateau. #whyhaventidonethisbefore}

and 3. {from the little mermaid's voyage...love that couple}

two things. on tuesday.


1. ...alternately titled: I think I'm getting my groove back.

2. School was closed on Friday and yesterday too so while Jim stayed here and got bunches done on his to-do list, Jake, Parker and I went home to spend some time with my family. We left on Friday to spend one night, to dye and hunt Easter eggs and eat lunch at their usual - Burger King, to search for lamp shades I haven't been able to find here, and to make that amazing swing.

Dreaming it and building it - my dad has been doing it with me and for me my whole life. From sandcastles to school projects to homes for pet bunnies that he's allergic to. And after all this time when I call and say, Dad! I've got a project for us, his only question is, "Do I need to go to Home Depot before you get here?" I kinda love him to death. :)

So here's {mostly} the rest of my favorites of them swinging on it. There were two that I preferred in black and white, but Blogger is doing something funky when I try to upload them and instead of black and white, they look brown and white. :( Is it just me?

oh, hi. i'm still here.