Hanauma Bay


Is this place gorgeous or what?!!

I still look at these pictures and go, "Wow! I can't believe we were there." It's so breath-takingly (I hope that's a word) beautiful...these pictures seriously don't do it justice. That sounds so cliche, but it's so true.

Nope. I have done absolutely no editing to any of these photographs. Not even a smidge of contrast adjustment. It's just that amazing!

So what exactly did we do here?

We went snorkeling!...After we took the very long winding walk down the mountain...

and out to the beach.

I should go ahead and warn you now there are way more pictures of Jim snorkeling than me. The reasons being (a) I'm always the one taking pictures, and (b) he was way better at it than I was. I seemed to get the hang of it quicker than he did, but I was seriously freaked out by being touched by the fish (of course I really wasn't being touched by the fish; it was actually the ties on my bathing suit, but I was convinced it was the fish, and I kept jumping and looking to see what was brushing against me) and the fact that I wasn't supposed to touch the reef (per our instructional video that we watched before we made our way onto the bay). And if I did touch the reef, of course it's rock, so I could get serious cuts and scrapes which I didn't want to do either. So I tried it for all of about an hour, saw some really awesome, colorful, huge fish and "cauliflower" living on the reef and called it quits to lay on the beach and keep my tan going that I started three weeks before we left in the tanning bed. Worked for me!

We had the absolute best time that day! We stayed from about 9:00 that morning until around 2:30 that afternoon. Jim was in the water pretty much the entire time which he dearly paid for having not put on sunscreen before going in. But he will still tell you to this day, it was very much worth it. This was his favorite of all of our excursions, and he is now officially obsessed with figuring out what beach we'll hit this coming summer so he can do it again. I had a great time, too. I'm actually proud of myself for having stayed out there as long as I did. I wasn't sure I would even try it at all, so I have to give props to me for trying something new. And I'll gladly go again as soon as we get the chance...even if it's just for the tan!

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