I think it's safe to say...


I contemplated an update about this time last week, but I was afraid I might jinx the sickness fog that I felt like had been lifted. 

Not that I could, but after two weeks of it, I was willing to try anything.

I took Jake to his pediatrician for his six-year checkup the Friday before this last one.  Perfect timing because he was still having some of the same symptoms, which we talked about.  So he ordered some tests, and the one for rotavirus came back positive.  OMG!  I'm hoping our first experience with that will be our last.  Even my mom got it because we had been there the weekend before when it all started.  Makes me feel like a real winner for sure.  But she said, "No worries.  The time I had with you and the boys was worth every trip I made to the bathroom."  Ahhh...she always knows just what to say.

So after his doctor's visit and diagnosis, he had one more really rough night and just a couple more where he woke up once or twice, and our life was as we knew it.

You may have seen on Instagram that we went to see and "ride" on Thomas the train.  I randomly called in to a radio station and won two tickets, so with Jake feeling almost one hundred percent again and Parker's sickness nothing but a memory, we went.  The train ride itself, to Parker, was not so thrilling (maybe because we were in an indoor car?), and he let it (and his age probably) show, but oh the games and tattoos and hot dogs were a huge hit.

Other than that, it's just been life as normal and just doing what we do...

catching all of the zzzz's we missed over the past two weeks

when Brother leaves his bowl of cereal up for grabs...

bike-riding...He's finally grown into his bigger one, but the training wheels are no where near ready to come off.

Haven't you heard?  Even the playground can be a good place for a meltdown.  Sigh. 

"Ooooh.  You found my hat.  Thank you.  Thank you.  THANK YOU!" -Sherriff Woody   Yep, even he needs to get out...take a walk in an open field...get some fresh air...feel like the real cowboy that he is every now and then.  

just for fun...he was only one


"And he cried a lot less." ...quoting what Jim said when I showed him this one.

The twos are really being terrible to Parker, and therefore, terrible to us.  Most days, I feel like his happiness has totally jumped ship.  For every toy that he might have played with but didn't so he lost it to Jake - he cries.  For the stirring of his food to cool it down so it doesn't burn - he cries.  For the extra hand that goes into the bag of chips that he's holding - he cries.  Nope, no concept of sharing.  Especially with Jake.  At preschool - so far, so good.  For all the times he wants to change shoes but we don't because once or twice should be enough - he cries.  So this is my therapy...to look back and see where we've been and how far we've come and to realize a year from now I'll be doing the same thing. 

Ahhh...it just feels good to vent.  There's no love lost in doing that.  Except for the number two.  More of these therapy sessions to come, I'm sure.



Today is my parents' wedding anniversary, so I'm dedicating this one to them.  They are my first true heroes, and in my opinion they are THE bar.  Forty-six years is the real deal; and after all that time, they still love each other like crazy and are as inseparable as they were back in the day.  It's immeasurable, really, and I keep proof of it on our bedroom walls.  On one, I have a postcard they bought while they were on their honeymoon but never mailed it.  Crazy, but Jim and I honeymooned at the same place they did (Chattanooga, Tennessee), but I don't think I realized it at the time.

And on the other wall, I framed two of the scenes from stationery that my dad used to write my mom a letter on while they were separated the first year they were married.  The Air Force moved him to Turkey, and the airfare was too much for her to go right away.  So while she stayed behind and lived with my grandparents so she could save enough dough to get her there, they exchanged letter after letter, and she kept them all - all this time.

Mom and Dad, the paper version of a card wishing you the happiest of anniversaries didn't make it into the mailbox on time, so this is it for now.  May you have many more years of wedded bliss - the kind that has lasted from letters with sketches of what your first apartment looked like, Mom, so you would know what to expect when you left home for the first time...all the way to right now.  You're simply the best!  All my love...  

eventful...you could say that


Well this week has been eventful.  

Last Thursday, Jake lost his first tooth while Jim was helping him brush them all before school that morning.  Sigh.  My baby is losing the last thing that's "baby" about him.  I was dreading the first to be honest, but when he showed me his toothless grin, all I could do was squeal like I did the day he got it at seven months old.  Ridiculous.  

That afternoon and Friday, we were out of school and off of work for weather reasons.  Friday was a scheduled day, but Thursday was a pretty nasty day out with strong chances of severe stuff.

Late Friday morning, Jake, Parker, and I left to go spend the rest of our day and night with my family.  I made a wreath for our front door, helped my mom pick out artwork for her bathroom, and soaked up the peace and quiet of home (If you ever went with me, you'd see what I mean.).

And on Saturday morning, Jake woke up with awful stomach virus symptoms.  His stomach had been cramping since Tuesday, and he'd been waking up once or twice a night in pain.  By Sunday night, he had an appetite for McDonald's french fries and held them down, but even today he's still not completely well.  And like brother, like brother, it hit Parker on Tuesday.  I've heard from other survivors of it, that it can last up to a month so to say that I'm having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel would be an understatement.  Weariness is definitely setting in, and I might be more tired than I was when they were newborns.  At least my sanity is still in check.  I realize in the grand scheme of things, this is minor and temporary.  Between that and moments like these (recently)... 

Reading one of his favorites...Have You Seen My Cat?


When it rains...

At Grandma's picnic table digging his hands in what you don't see...Playdoh. 

I'm totally still smilin'.

letters to my sons


I found out this morning from a friend (via Facebook) that today is National Siblings Day, so I nixed my other plans for a post and decided on this.  The timing just seemed right, so the shot of them sitting on our front doorstep waiting to hunt Easter eggs will hang out for another day (or maybe not...it's not the greatest...I was bummed).  I borrowed the idea from some of my favorite photographers out there (whose blogs I stalk regularly) to write letters to my sons - to share what's on my heart every now and then and tell them everything I want them to know.  Eventually, when I have enough, I plan to publish them in a book(s) and give each of them a copy to have and (hopefully) read.  So here goes number one... 


I remember one of the first times I said that, and I caught myself mid-sentence and thought...Wow.  Because to be a mommy to even one of you is a dream come true and a whole lotta answered prayers.  He said, "Yes, I will.", and I was and have been in awe of Him and both of you from day one.  And I always will be.  I have so much to say to you - to share with you what my hopes and dreams for each of you are, to share my best mom advice I can possible give you, and above all to make you feel my love.  I can't possibly boil it down into just one letter, so this is just my starting point.

1.  Because my greatest hope and prayer is that you make Him number one in your life, my number one is this...Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  Matthew 22:37  That means more than anything or anyone...even me.

2.  Stand firm.  To what you know is right.  To what is true.  It may go against the "grain", but that's okay.  You'll be glad you did in the long run.

3.  Brush and floss those pearly whites at least once a day.  You only get one smile.

4.  Play hard.  Work harder.  The things you work for and therefore earn will mean so much more.  They'll make you proud of you.  And confidence, Babies, doesn't come with a price tag.

5.  Pay someone a compliment at least once a day.  There is true power that comes with giving someone else a reason, big or small, to love themselves.  And they'll thank you for it.

6.  Choose your friends wisely.  There's a saying that goes, "You are the company you keep."  True dat.  So surround yourself with those that will build you up not tear you down, will hold you accountable to staying true to your morals and beliefs, and will love you for you no matter what.  And remember...you already have one friend (your brother) for life.

7.  Tell the people that mean the most how you feel - even when what you have to say to that person may be hard for him or her to hear.  Communication in any relationship is absolutely critical for it to survive.  And it's nice to hear "I love you".  Really, really nice.

8.  Love each other.  Always and forever.  Even if it's just because I said so.

Love you right up to Heaven, Honeys!


SB '13


I think there's definitely something to be said for staying put the whole week of Spring Break.  Other than a spur-of-the-moment trip to pick up a rug for our living room at a Pottery Barn in Atlanta, we stayed totally in the county we live in.  

(showing me his boo boo)

We dodged the cold weather and rain by hanging out in our garage (Side note: Ever since we took the boys to the Disney Live show in Birmingham a few weeks back, Buzz Lightyear and Woody are THE stuff.)

and scratching things off of my to-do list that I made the week before - getting Parker's haircut being one of them (Earning a sucker for good behavior while having it done is always a plus.).

Later in the week, we worked on making our hardwood floors look as close as possible to good as new.  Stanley Steemer came in one day, and they just couldn't cut the Orange Glo residue that was making them super dull in places (Not I, but the homeowners before us used it.  Word to the wise - never ever use Orange Glo to shine or clean hardwoods.  Ever.).  So (day two) Jim googled and found a solution - a mixture of ammonia, hot water, and elbow grease.  Seven hours of scrubbing every square inch on our hands and knees later, they were squeaky clean without a cloudy or dull spot in sight.  Day three Stanley Steemer was back in the house to apply the maintenance coat to seal it and give it its shine back, and literally we just stood and stared at how good they looked - hard work that totally paid off.

On Saturday, my mom and dad drove over from P'ville to spend the day with us and to celebrate Easter.  My mom cooked the most amazing lunch, and the boys hunted Easter eggs more than twice.  Need I say more?  It was perfect.

All in all, it was just a good week.  We watched movies and took naps.  We refereed arguments and took time out for ourselves (the little boys spent time with their friends at school a couple of days, specifically the ones we were working on our floors).  We accomplished much and spent time with our family that we'll never get back.  Two thumbs up to that.        

Is this thing on?


Again!  I'm behind weeks now, and I think this time I fell into the time hole of Spring Break.  The week before was insanely busy for me at work - trying to cram it all in, get it all done, get it all off of my desk so I don't have it hanging over my head when I come back kind of week.  The week of we only traveled near - not far at all or for any length of time - but the days still went lightning fast.  They always do.  And then last week, we were doing our best to get our groove back (as much as we could while Jim was traveling for work).  

I debated on whether or not to start where I left off or with the most recent.  I couldn't resist the most recent...because temperatures warm enough to draw with sidewalk chalk in the driveway totally barefoot while eating our own bowls of chocolate ice cream are too long-awaited not to share immediately.

Totally filled pollen-polluted air and all...I'll take it!