Runaway Stroller


Would you believe me if I told you Jake's stroller got away from me tonight, and I was chasing it like it was a stolen car through the Belk parking lot?

Well, believe me - because it really happened.

I'm sure by now your curiosity is running high, so I guess I need to start from the beginning.

It is really windy here and getting colder by the minute. The weather went from sunny and warm around lunch time to very cloudy and very windy by 5 o'clock. Jim and I had decided to meet at the mall after work for dinner and to walk around (this is pretty much a once-a-week ritual for us). It's also fun for Jake because he loves to throw pennies in the fountain; and now that the train is in operation for the Christmas season, we can't leave without him riding it at least once.

So I pulled up the parking lot - Jim and Jake were already inside since they beat me there. I stepped out of my car and into the wind to get Jake's stroller out of the trunk (like he's going to ride in it for any length of time - I don't know why I try), and the wind almost ripped the door right off it's hinges. I stepped to the back of the car, opened the trunk, and popped open the stroller. I turned to close the trunk, and when I turned around, the stroller was flying through the parking lot. The six wheels that give it the ability to produce movement were spinning at probably 2 miles per hour, and instinct put me right behind it. I found myself in a full sprint to catch it as I watched it get further and further away. I finally caught up with it and put a death grip on the handle. I then pulled it back to the car, put my purse in the bottom compartment and made my way into the mall.

There's nothing like a good chase to get the adrenalin going, I tell you. I'm just thankful Jake wasn't in it as it got away; otherwise, I definitely would have paniced. Although I think I paniced either way.

At least it was worth all the effort. Jake did actually put it to use...for all of about 10 minutes! Love that boy of mine!

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