Trust me.  This is as good as it gets.  He can sleep through heavy thunderstorms, and he can sleep through a house full of screaming kids invited to his older brother's birthday party.  He can sleep through a looong night of football fans yelling at our television and doorbell rings.  But the sound of Jake's voice and the click of the shutter on my camera get him every single time.  

3 out of 30


Thirty days has by far come and gone.  Wow!  I had no idea it would take me this long to complete the 30 Day Challenge I started weeks ago. 

When I looked through the list, I thought, "How hard can it really be to get just one picture of him sleeping or holding hands with someone?"  Harder than I thought - let me just say that.  I have definitely made progress, though, and I'm about three-fourths of the way through. 

I was hoping to document just his eighteenth month, but he turned nineteen (without my permission of course); and on the eighth of September, he'll be twenty.  Needless to say, I better get a move on! 

Here's a few that I've scratched off of my list over the past couple of weeks...



I haven't picked up my camera once since Monday morning, so I thought this might be a good time to catch up.     

Jim has been out of town since Sunday afternoon for work (He made it home around ten this morning.), so it's just been the boys and I at home this first week of school.  All in all, it's been good - nothing too major.  

Parker didn't seem to hold a grudge on Monday when he had to miss out on "Pizza Day" because there was just no stopping for cash.  Jake thought it was the high point of his day on Tuesday when he had to buy drinks at lunch and snack time because I forgot to pack him any.  

I finally checked our mail for the first time all week on Wednesday.  Yesterday, I failed to wear deodorant, and Parker wore home blood on his shirt from Chick-fil-A (a busted!).  

We've left popsicle stains on our back patio, made spontaneous trips to Hobby Lobby and K-Mart, gone for walks, constructed Jake's newest Lego set, and drop-offs have been "well" (well equals within ten minutes) before eight o'clock.  Not too bad right?

I love that look!  

These are all from a few weeks back when I was home for the weekend, and my mom and I took a trip to a park.  It has a pond with ducks galore (there were babies this time...melt), and a huuuuge, super cool playground. 

There was lots of feeding borrowed bread (from a family friend we happened to see while we were there) to the ducks, quack quack sounds from them and from Parker (He was fascinated!!), and sweat drops.  Good night it was hot!!

And lots and lots of fun!

This is Kindergarten, Yo!


The first day of Kindergarten has come and gone and to be honest, I couldn't be more thankful.  Besides the fact that he had an awesome day and danced (literally) his way into his classroom, I'm thankful it's over because I'm totally drained.  My mind last night was racing, and I couldn't fall asleep.  I couldn't stop thinking about what needed to be done, what he might eat for breakfast, keeping my emotions in check, what time I needed to be awake, and what time we needed to leave to make it on time.  I wanted our morning to be frazzle and frustration free, to remember everything I needed to take with us, and to make sure he knew and felt how proud I am of him and how proud I am just to be his mama.

It's still kind of a blur, but I remember smiles on the way there, dropping off his blue card in the school office, and gasping while holding my heart in my chest as I watched a sea of kindergartners put their backpacks in their lockers.  Words can't explain.  



Tomorrow's the big day, and I think we're as ready as we'll ever be (insert nerves and excitement).

I'll let you know how we both did after the first and most anticipated day is over.

tip toes


His chubby size-four's...

they're probably my favorite part of his whole little body.  (I kind of have this thing for really cute feet.)

talk to the hand


While Jake still has the rest of this week and weekend left that he can call "Summer", Parker's "Move Up" day was yesterday.  He got two new teachers, a few new classmates (including a set of twins - one boy, one girl), and I dropped him off with a nap mat for the very first time.  Sigh.  No more crib-sleeping at school for him.  

He did awesome.  I knew he would when he waved at his BFF, Ethan, when he saw him in the parking lot in addition to the fact that his first (I hate to say old.) teacher started transitioning all of them to their new surroundings and schedules back in June.  As for me, I handled it all so well until I stopped by the infant/purple room that he just moved from to say hello.  It was full of new three, four, and six month olds in bouncy seats and swings and sitting up on their own...just barely.  Ahhh....that was him just last week right?

How in the world has he gone from hanging out in a bouncy seat and drinking formula from a bottle to leaving hundreds of handprints on our windows and doors so quickly?


ring toss (giraffe and sprinkler style)


When my mom and I went to Kohl's last Friday, we shopped their end-of-summer clearance and found a huge selection of sand toys, sprinklers, slip-n-slides, and swimming pools all fifty percent off.  Whoop whoop!  My mom brought home this giraffe ring toss, and it was a huge hit.  It was just his size and kept him busy for as long as we'd let him be putting it's rings on then taking them off again and again.

Day 16

The winds of change have really blown us away this month.  I remember the same thing happening with Jake at this age.  He started preschool and made friends and learned how to actually sit still while he ate.  The same goes for Parker but in different ways.  Just before his eighteen month birthday, he started walking everywhere he went, and since then his little horizons have broadened farther than he can see.  There's just something so different about the way he plays with his toys and interacts with his classmates.  His relationship with Jake is very different, too, and when I watch them play, that just does it for me.  Even if he is being a total bully to his big brother.

Oh I just can't wait to be King. He sang that last night at Burger King.


Since I started Parker's Portrait Project, I've left out the what-we've-been-up-to's and where-we've-been's.  I'm sure I won't remember it all, but here's a little from our last ten-plus days.

From the night the opening ceremonies aired, Jake's been asking, "Mommy, is that all you're ever gonna watch?" when he sees the Summer Olympics on our TV screen.  (We're total junkies.  What can I say other than, "Yes.  Until I can't anymore.  Yes.")  We've crossed everything off of his school supply list except for one.  We've found out who his Kindergarten teacher will be and which classmates he'll recognize on August 20th - he's so pumped.

Elenie and Sara Beth awarded me the Liebster.  Thank you, Ladies!! 

Parker's preschool closed for their late Summer break, so I took some time away from work, packed our bags, and we went "home" for the long weekend.  While we were there, we wore out the Summer clearance racks at Kohl's, ordered slushies at Sonic, fed ducks at a park, and paid a visit to my Aunt Linda who's handling her chemo treatments like she's been there done that.

This week, we are down a total of two - one car and one little kid. We left Parker behind to spend a few days with my family while his preschool is closed, and on our way home, my tire went completely flat.  We got it changed, and drove it to the dealership where's it's been since Sunday.  They called yesterday to say they found a cut along the sidewall, so it'll have to be replaced...after they order a new tire.  We've been leaving our house in the mornings and getting home in the evenings at the exact same time, and I have to say carpooling is pretty much awesome.     

And so are Burger King happy meals because you get to wear a crown and be "King" for the night.

here kitty kitty


One of his birthday gifts from his Aunt Cathy is still one of the first things he goes for in his toy crate.  She has the capability of teaching him his numbers, she sings about going to London with her feline friends, and she plays "Catch me if you can."  She meows, scoots across the room all by herself, changes directions, sings; and when he "catches" her by her tail, she starts the game all over again.