Now I Know


Aloha means "Hello" and "Goodbye" in Hawaiian.

Eyeliner is NOT an option unless you want to wear it all the way down to your chin!

The water in the Pacific Ocean is as beautiful in person as it is in on postcards.

Good hair days are nearly extinct in HI.

Four hours time difference is not an easy adjustment to make.

Hawaiian hospitality = Southern hospitality. I love the locals!

Manicures/Pedicures and the Pacifc Ocean do not go well together.

A "moderate" hiking adventure is equivalent to a 45-minute stair climber workout. (They should really print this stuff on the brochures).

ABC Stores do not sell the same type of products in HI as they do in Alabama. (Here they are the most popular place to buy souvenirs).

Sunset in HI must be on God's top ten list of "Most Beautiful Things Created" (if He has one).

Second honeymoons are WAY better than first ones.

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