I LOVE this time of year! and Christmas Card Photos


Until recently, I thought I had it all figured out...what type of picture I had planned to take for our Christmas card this year, that is.

But this past Wednesday, I got off work a little early (you know, to get the holidays going as early as possible), so Jim and I took Jake out to the georgeous campus of UA and played for nearly an hour in piles and piles of leaves. Naturally I had my camera handy, so I started snapping away. By the time all was said and done, I had pictures that have officially become my favorites that I've taken of him since...well...the last time I took pictures of him (probably a month or so ago...long time...I know).

I've decided to share a few with you here. But I won't share them all. Of course not, because I don't want to spoil the surprise of which ones will be on our Christmas card that you'll get to see soon enough.

Oh how I LOVE this time of year! Especially when it means I get to do something out of the ordinary, like play in the leaves and snap colorful photographs of my favorite little boy!

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