Not Me! Monday...on a Tuesday


Better late than never right?

When told Sunday at the PAX Terminal (in a jokingly way) that we may not be allowed on the airplane because we were wearing our Alabama sweatshirts (and me with a houndstooth scarf to boot), I did not very quickly say that I would wear any color he wanted me to as long as he let me on that airplane. I would never pretend to pledge allegiance to another team just to go to Hawaii. Especially not within 24 hours of them winning the SEC championship game. Not me! Hawaii Schmaii!

And then on the airplane I did not break down and use the so-called bathroom and leave my bodily fluids in the toilet covered with toilet paper because I didn't know if I was supposed to flush it or not and didn't see a handle. Absolutely not! And if I did do such a thing, I would most certainly wouldn't walk out and look around me to see if anyone else was planning on going in and would know it was me. Never!

And last but not least, I did not cry this weekend when my parents came to pick up Jake. Not a chance! I was WAY too excited about this trip and for him to have the chance to spend a week with his grandma and grandpa, cousin Emily, and Aunt Cathy. And even if I did cry, this would not have been the second time...the first being that morning when I was tieing his shoes and trying to explain to him that daddy and I were going bye-bye for a few days. Nope! That was definitely not me. I am always a tough mom and never cry about such things as leaving my son to go to Hawaii for a week. Well...not always.

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