A Week Ago Today


Just a short 7 days ago today (as I close my eyes and let my memory run wild...ahhhh...okay, short break; darn, I really am sitting at my computer!), we had already returned from our visit to Pearl Harbor and were getting ready to go to what I had anticipated most about our trip to Hawaii...our Luau. I can't describe in words how excited I was for this. I imagined what we would see, what the food would be like, and how much fun we would have, and I was certain (more than certain...without a shadow of a doubt absolutely 100 percent positive) that this would be my absolute favorite thing of all that we experienced during our trip to Hawaii. And it was! This is one of the most amazing experiences I've ever known. It was fun, it was romantic, it was entertaining, it was erotic, it was delicious (the food, I mean), it was emotional, it was...everything I had imagined and more.

Cocktail/Social hour started at 5 o'clock, and as we entered the garden, we were greeted by locals and were given a string of shells (which Jake now claims are his and wears them constantly).

Then we watched several demonstrations such as how to hula dance and make a lei - both which I would LOVE to know how to do really well. Of course, they didn't have all night and the next day to teach me, so we settled for watching the "ceremony" of lifting the roasted pig out of the ground.

We then made our way to our tables where appetizers were already waiting for us to taste.

The food was soooo scrumptous. There was plenty of pineapple to go around...naturally. We had pork, chicken, mahi mahi, sweet potatoe, fried banana, and rice as our main course. Yummmmmy! And for dessert...guava and coconut cake. My mouth is watering just thinking about it all!

Soon after we got our main course, the show began. Our host was absolutely terrific! He was super funny, very energetic, and had a really great voice. One of the performers did a demonstration on how to open a coconut with the help of some poor guy in the audience. Bless his heart! He had the worst time ever.

But the best part of all was the dancing...

So incredible!!

And guess who got on stage for a little hula dancing?

It must have been the shirt! Jim was definitely in true Hawaiian fashion that night!

He may not admit it, but he loved every second of being up there. In fact, I think he winked at his partner as she walked through the audience looking for someone to bring on stage.

Oh yes! This night a week ago was a memorable, incredible night...and love was definitely in the air for the second honeymooners!

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