Weekend Break and Update


So I decided to take the weekend "off" from posting about our trip to Hawaii so I could update everyone on what we've been up to this week. I still have more to post from Hawaii, but I figured a break was in order since it's the weekend and all.

This past week has been off-the-chart busy as we've worked to get our jobs, our home, and our son back in order after being gone for an entire week. We worked so hard from the minute we got to home to sort through all of the laundry and suitcases and souvenirs. But then Monday morning came, and then Monday evening came, and by that time, we were in true survival mode. Suitcases and laundry took up a heap of floor space for several days which is not like me at all. Having a toddler has helped ease my OCD ways, but I still like to have things in their place as much as possible. But because we were just too tired from the insanely busy days right before our trip, a week of non-stop second-honeymooning in Hawaii, and then catching up at work after being gone for a week, we just had to let something go...so the housework it was.

This past week, Jake did the best of all of us. He was more than happy to get back in his routine with his friends and teachers, and of course his mommy and daddy. He actually missed us, believe it or not. He kept telling me, "I at home, Mommy". It was the sweetest thing ever. He ended up missing his Christmas party at school. It was the Friday of the week we were gone. He brought home lots of little gifts, and he had a heap of make-up crafts to catch up on. It seemed like he brought something new home every day! I'm so thankful, though, that his teachers took the time out of their day to do this for us. They know I'm a sucker for "handprint" crafts (so far, I have saved every single one!)...what can I say? My favorite that he did was a tree of handprints with glitter and jewels as ornaments...just too cute!

Jim's week was actually pretty laid back other than a trip out of town for a day to do a scholarship interview. This worked out great for him because by Wednesday, he claimed he was suffering from PVBD (Post Vacation Blues Disorder). I think we both were in one way other another, actually.

As for me, I actually came back to a clean slate other than catching up on month-end. Missing an entire week just means that I have less time before our Christmas break to get it all done, which was completely manageable in this case (whew!). Staying focused was definitely hard to do, though, by the end of the week. On Friday, we had our office Christmas party. We drew names earlier in the month and swapped gifts while we ate pizza and a cookie from the Cookie Co. (soooo gooood). My gift was a Target gift card and antibacterial hand wash for my purse (Jackpot!). Jake even got a gift, too! A Barnes & Noble gift card from his "Aunt" Marilyn (icing on the cake right there).

A couple of nights this week and once this weekend, we went to the mall to do some shopping. I'm technically done with Christmas shopping, so anything I buy is just to take advantage of the great sales that are going on. Jake got to do what he loves best...ride the train...on several occasions, so he was tickled pink over that. We also found a new wedding band for Jim since he lost his somewhere in Hanauma Bay when he was snorkeling (there's a three-week wait on that, though, since it had to be ordered).

The rest of our weekend we spent cleaning, and when I say cleaning, I mean cleaning. It feels so great to have a clean house through and through. I even put Jim to work moving furniture so I could vaccuum under and behind it. Now I feel like those people on the Febreeze commercials who walk around just taking deep breaths with their eyes closed in pleasure. I've only done that a few times, though, so hopefully that means I'm not too much of a fruitcake.

And last but not least, I've accomplished a huge task...wrapping all of our Christmas gifts. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. I say it that way, because that's actually my favorite part. As much as I enjoy it, though, I'm glad it's a job that's done.

I can't help but always think our tree looks so much better with lots and lots of boxes, bows, and nametags under it.

Yep...much better and task accomplished!

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