Not Me! Monday


This past weekend, I did not go through all of the Christmas gifts we bought for Jake and decide that he had too many and then pull some out to save and give to him for his birthday. Not me! I would never buy way too much stuff for him…ever. And even if I did, I definitely wouldn’t be thrifty and save them for his birthday since it’s only two months away. Better yet, I wouldn’t save them for his birthday just so I could prolong the purchase of more storage bins to store it all in, overcrowded closets, and me checking myself into “my happy place” several times each night to try and cope with all the new toys strewn about. No way, Hosea!

And during the many trips we made to the mall this past week, I was not the one who told Jake that Santa would prefer we write a letter to him telling him what he wanted for Christmas. I did not continue on and say this was because he had so many boys and girls telling him what they wanted, that it would be better to put it in writing and send it straight to the North Pole so Santa Claus wouldn’t forget between now and Christmas. And I didn’t say all this because Jake has already been to visit Santa once already, and I just didn’t want to stand in line again. That was definitely not me! I would do anything to make sure he got what he wanted for Christmas from Santa Claus!

I also most certainly did not completely lose it when Jake decided to have an accident in his pants in the living room intentionally. It was not me who sounded like a broken record asking him over and over why he would do such a thing knowing he wasn’t going to respond in fear he would say the wrong thing. And I absolutely did not talk to him like he was a grown up explaining to him how I had cleaned our house from top to bottom and how he had not had an accident since he was totally potty trained back in May as if he understood when May was. Nope. I always act rationally in these situations. And even if I did lose it for what seemed like hours but was more like 10 minutes, I wouldn’t have needed to make it up to him the rest of the night telling him how much I love him and explaining why I got so upset. I also wouldn’t have needed to lay down with him as he drifted off to sleep stroking his hair and kissing his head. Nope. Guilt would never get the best of me in a situation like this.

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