I feel like I haven't posted about "every day" life in our household in a w-h-i-l-e. Ever since our trip to Hawaii, I've been trying to do my best to share lots of pictures from all of the places we visited and the excursions we took; not to mention the biggest and my most favorite time of year, Christmas.

So I thought I would sort of do an "update" type post on what's been happening recently around our house.

Here goes:

Recently, I bought this book at Lifeway.

I've heard it's fantastic as well as the movie (which I haven't seen either). I can't wait to get started on it, and I think it will be great for me since it has short, segmented chapters which will help keep me focused versus getting overwhelmed with just tons of pages to read. And since I'm not the biggest of readers out there, I've decided to hold myself accountable here on my blog and let you all know when I've finished it and what I learned/gained from it (which I hope will be lots).

I also recently had cosmetic surgery which I'm happy to say I came through with flying colors. And what's better than that is I look and feel more beautiful than ever. Thanks, Dr. H for your talent and TLC!

And recently, Jim used one of these to clean our carpets.

We decided to tackle the job ourselves versus hiring professionals like we did last year, and borrowed this machine from my mom. It did an awesome job, and now our carpet looks almost good as new (which is pretty remarkable considering the number of stains that lingered from food, juice, playdoh, highlighter markers, etc.)

And due to my surgery and need for as much R&R as possible, Jake recently spent a couple of nights with his Grandma and Grandpa. We met them on Sunday afternoon to do some shopping, and they took him home with them from there. He came home yesterday, and it wasn't a minute too soon for any of us. He kept saying, "You my best fwiend, Mommy!", and I got so many hugs I couldn't even keep count.

Jake and Jim also recently made a trip to Jim's home town in North Alabama to visit Jim's dad and brother. Jim reported they had a great time with just a few minor times when Jim had thoughts of strangling him. He was definitely not on his best behavior. I'm not sure if he just needed a nap or what was going on, but he definitely wasn't himself. But they made it there and back home and had a great visit with Jake's Grandpa, so it was all worth it.

Our heat pump also recently went out in our house...AGAIN!! I don't mean to yell, but this is only about the fifth time we've been through this, and our house is less than four years old! I'm thankful to say it has since been fixed, and we are now the proud owners of a new set of gas logs for our fireplace (which have also never really worked ever since we moved in) and a huge space heater that will take a room from 59 degrees to almost 80 in no time! Suh-weet!

Finally I, recently had this photo framed and hung it on one of the walls in our bedroom.

We didn't hire a photographer while in Hawaii. I simply got my handy tripod out, set the timer, and let the camera do all the work. The framing turned out nicely, and I think it adds a touch of romance to our room (woo woo!).

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