Oh what fun it was


to watch Jake open his gifts on Christmas morning!

Jim and I waited longer than we expected to for him to be awake and tearing into the pile of boxes. Though we got home at a decent hour from my parent's the night before, he still did not go to sleep until much later than his normal bedtime. And with all the hard playing that he and his cousin Emily did together, he was just plain ole tuckered out. So when he finally woke from his heavy sleep at around 9:30 that morning, we were wild with excitement for him to see what was waiting for him.

Once he had made it through all of the unwrapping he had to do, Jim and I both got right down to business taking everything out of the packaging it came in and making sure nothing was lost under the sea of paper that lay all over the floor.

Then it was straight to his room to set up his new train track that we're all so happy he has. Now the many trains he has been collecting over the past few months have a place to stretch their wheels and do what trains do (plus this now frees up one of those storage bins that I need to use for something else...see how this worked out for all of us?). Getting everything set up took up way more time than Jim thought, but it was a fun project and so worth it.

For the remainder of the morning, Jake almost never came out of his room. And neither did we for that matter or else we heard, "Wanna come pway twains wit me?" as he nodded his head yes. And you guessed it...It has been that way ever since!

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