lost and found {from underneath the table in our entryway}


I shouldn't be, but I'm amazed at what I find when I clean. 

Longer post planned for later, but right now back to work.  

Happy Weekending, Friends!

They say if you fall off, get back on.


I've fallen off the wagon big time.

Sorry, Mom.

Praise the Lord she's seen them in the last few weeks or her forgiveness might not come easy. And if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

So here's a little bit of our past two weeks...

1: My "little helper" thought I needed a little helper.

2: Grandpas are for finding worms shopping.

3: Six-year old reverse psychology - "Do not kum n to plae weth me".

4: Happy 6th Birthday, Brock! (our neighbor and one of his besties).

5: Catching some zzz's on the car ride home. 

6: Taking a water break.

Fall is here.  It's Friday Eve.  And Grandma's ecstatic.  

Life is goooood.

i'm gonna miss this...


1:  Leftovers.

2:  Policeman?

3:  Buzz and Woody divers hangin' poolside.

4:  Checking to see what might be in his pockets?...It's a habit now.

5:  The Little Kid's favorite outdoor toy because it's the perfect size for pushing.