pink and blue


I walked out for lunch one day this week (Wednesday?), and I heard these fly  by.

The Blue Angels are here for the third time which is pretty special.  Even just the noise they make, to me, is the coolest thing, and it's something we only hear a few times in the Fall when there's flyovers for football games.

Jake is as excited to watch them as he would be if he got to actually be the pilot himself.  **He was 22 months when they came to T-town for the first time.  Gosh, he was still a baby then.**

So the municipal airport is where he and Jim are spending their day.  And I'm spending mine - still in my pj's - at home with Parker.

I got a call late yesterday morning from Ms. Jen (his preschool teacher).  She said he was running a fever of 100.9, so I made an appointment for him at 2:45.  Dr. B. told me his right ear was red, red, red; so we're treating it with the pink stuff (Amoxicillin, one teaspoon, twice a day).  

He's still not up for much play this morning, so I'm doing some of his favorite things when "s" to him stands for sick - reading and rocking.  As a working mom, the reality sometimes of our weeknights is that even though my goal for the time we do have to spend together is to say all the "I love you"'s that they didn't hear me say from eight to five, Monday through Friday, what I'd really rather do is come home to an empty house and not have to do one single thing.  My patience is thin, and it just doesn't happen.  Everyone's tired - I'm even more tired - and we're all just trying to survive each other until the lights go out.  

Today, I'm making up for those weeknights when things don't go as planned, and I'm enjoying it - minus the ear infection, cranky baby part.

I hope you're enjoying your day too.  

Someday I'll Sail Around The World...I like it so much I think I'll put this on a wall.


Random...but true.  Jake's new love is Luden's Throat Drops.  I think I may have still had one laying on my bedside table one morning from getting up during the middle of the night with a cough that he ate, and now the kid is hooked on them.  He asks me on average about once every other day if he "...can have one of those red things."  I've thought about whether or not he really should (Should he, you think?).  But yeah, it hasn't stopped me from letting him have one or four.  They're actually pretty good - those "red things" - in case you've never tried one.

So I've recently started to update/redecorate Parker's room.  (Huge smiles right here.)  When I designed his nursery the first time around, the thought never crossed my mind that I'd change a thing fifteen months later, but here's the deal.  I'm that mom who goes into Target or Downtown Baby (one of our local shops here) and finds all the things I wish they'd had five years ago when Jake was new and a year ago when Parker was new and starts running a low-grade baby fever.  And I'm that mom who last Thursday said, "He's it.  My last baby.  And I just want to do it one more time before we move into an official 'Big Boy' room with a twin-sized bed and thumps during the night from him falling out of it and matchbox cars and sweaty t-ball uniforms like his bubba."

It was right about that time that I discovered Lay Baby Lay and fell into the black hole of Etsy.  His crib and bookshelves will stay the same, but everything else will change.

Here's what I love so far:

from jennasuedesign

from susansphotoart

from PaperRamma

from Tessyla
from BushelandPeckPaper

from pumpkinandbutterfly

And this is just the beginning.  Did you know that when you put in a search for nautical art on Etsy, you're given 13,746 results?  Geez!  Decisions, decisions.


Didn't you say ya'll went to the Georgia Aquarium?


We did.

Here's proof.

We'd never been, and we thought it would be fun.  So Jim made a reservation while I packed our bags, and we left on a whim on the Wednesday afternoon of our Spring Break. 

Exciting, huge, amazing, worth every penny - it was all of these things.

Dolphin Tales (an actual show they do with I think five dolphins and their trainers) was incredible - like for-a-minute-I-thought-I-just-might-be-at-Sea-World incredible.  Even Parker gave rounds of applause and never took his eyes off of them.

We roamed for hours and shared chicken fingers and chocolate chip cookies...

met sea dragons and waited too long for Jake to get a feel of those little sharks swimming in an open pool (He never did.  Bummer.)...

got real disappointed when we realized the penguin habitat was under construction and decided one shoe off was better than one shoe lost...

left behind a fruit loop...or two or three (P drops more snacks than he gets in his mouth, I think.)...

and brought home t-shirts and "Otter" from the gift shop.

Yeah, the Aquarium pretty much rocked all the way around - 

in all of our opinions.

I've got a feeling that this week's going to be a good one.


I can honestly say that getting our groove back last week after our week of Spring Break was rough.

Monday...not so bad; Tuesday...real bad.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I fell asleep within minutes of Parker's bedtime; I fed him breakfast at his preschool three mornings in a row because yes, I was running that late; and by Friday, I told his preschool teacher that "...even if today wasn't Friday, you would not see this face tomorrow morning."

The agenda doesn't lie, so I quote, "Jake was defiant all day today." (Wednesday, March 21st), and "Jake didn't complete all of his work today and tried to hide it." (Thursday, March 22nd) Sums up his week, doesn't it?

As for Jim, I think he handled it best. Or maybe he fell asleep right after I did on Wednesday and Thursday. He'd probably never tell.

This week's Monday? Soooo much better.

But Tuesday might not be if I don't say "Goodnight."

Happy Monday, Ya'll!

It's that time of year again.


He's already gotten his "uniform" for the coming season. This year he'll play for the blue team (They haven't yet picked their "official" team name. At the next practice, I think?), and sport the number 3 on his back under this name.

He had his first practice this past Saturday, and he'll have his second in two more days.

Until then, bats are being swung and balls are being lobbed back and forth between Jake and his daddy in our yard.

Yeah, that's pretty fun to watch.

I'm tired.


Not as much as I expected to be after getting up before sunrise for the first time since the Friday before our Spring Break got kicked off (Until this morning our adjustment to daylight savings time was soaking up all the daylight we could get, postponing our normal bedtimes, and waking up a whole hour later than what we're used least.) but still...


Almost as much as he was after we played our day away at the aquarium last Thursday.

Minus the drool he left on the front of his shirt maybe?

the last of it


The last of our Spring Break has been a dog-bathing, chair rail-painting, strawberry-eating, basketball-playing, mosquito-slapping two days worth.

We grilled out with our very best friends last night...

and brought the pool to their tub this afternoon.

The "everyday" of this past week - it's what I'll miss the most.

And the extra hour of sleep. Fo sho.

And I didn't mention this already, so here goes. (It's one of my favorite Spring Break Outtakes courtesy of my oldest.)

On our way home from Chuck E. Cheese on Wednesday, Jake said, "Mom, I was really good today. Whatun' I?"

Oh yeah, Bud, you definitely were, and I'm proud of you.

"I ROCK! Don't I?"

Yep. You totally do.

first haircut

Baby mullets are pretty special, but it was waaaay past time for P's to go.

So we took him to this funky, fun salon last Saturday just for kids called Kidz Kutz. (And we definitely took a trip down memory lane while we were there when the same stylist that cut Parker's hair cut Jake's for the first time too.)

Thomas the tank engine looked like he needed some place to go, so we chose him for Parker to sit in (Jake was a pilot for a day in the F-16 for his first haircut).

He twisted and turned the wheel and stopped to think twice about only the spray bottle of water wetting his hair and the clippers trimming the back of his neck.

He did sooo great, and I saved almost every one of his baby locks. I'm good and sentimental like that, you know?

Handsome, handsome Baby! Love you Peedy P!