decisions, decisions {from yesterday. his birthday.}


The gift card from his grands to Academy Sports came just in time.  

plus one


For his birthday dinner, he chose one of our favorite Mexican restaurants because he wanted to "wear that big hat while they sing to me".

Today was pretty special because well......he is.

kids were here {#imgonnamissthis}


One of their favorites...those little halos...and the big kid can peel them all by himself.  

Can we say garbage can? 

He is...


every penny I tossed in a well, every shooting star I watched go by, and every prayer I prayed answered...

on the brink of seven (only two more rings to tear off of the paper chain we made together a few weeks back to count down the number of days until this birthday).

Gah time flies when dreams comes true!

weekend warriors


This weekend we started giving our backyard a much-needed makeover.

It isn't the biggest of backyards to begin with, yet the original landscaping included two huuuuge bush beds - one on either side of our patio - and because we need all the real estate we can get back there, we completely took out everything on the right side of the patio and half of the left.

All hands were on deck - including Parker's. Even "his" help is helpful when it involves manual labor. It is absolutely no joke.

One step down...many to go.

legos after lunch {alternately titled : what sixty plus hours of "snowed in" looks like part ii}

I call it...white glitter.

The snow we got last Wednesday just wasn't the same. It did stick. But it was mostly rain and ice and well now I think we've been spoiled by the powder that fell two weeks ago. It looked like we had landed in Park City. Minus the mountains.

It was pretty spectacular.

By the way, I'm spreading these babies out because this may be all we see until this time next year.

It's really coming down out there.


It's my Pawrty...


Before we played in the snow two days in a row and after Jim got home from working in South Florida for a week (aka Saturday Jan 25), we threw a party to celebrate Parker's third birthday.

The theme came from his obsession with tractors at Christmas.  He kept it real and real simple for Santa - he had one thing and one thing only on his wish list...a "biiiiig trator yike paw paw's".  

So I rolled my big tractor wheels with it, and here's how it turned out.

What I love best about this year:

a)....he got it.  All week long as it all came together and he shopped with me at Hobby Lobby and Walmart and Target he kept saying, "Dat my pawrty.  Dis my pawrty."  He told his grandma, "My mommy fix my pawrty.", and he told Jake, "Don't touch my pawrty, Dake."

and b) this face while we sang Happy Birthday to him, and afterwards he said, "Do gain" so Jim lit the candles one more time, and instead of just blowing them out he stood there and looked around letting us know he was waiting for us to to sing again too.


P.S.  The last one is from our local kids hands-on museum.  They have this whole "farm" area with of course a big green tractor.  Post the pizza, the chocolate-covered pretzel sticks, and the presents, we all went on a play date to go have some fun on it.