my post from a few weeks ago about our trip to All Fired Up?

Well, they recently gave me a call and guess what is now hanging on our Christmas tree?...

Yes! It's Jake's ornament that he made all by himself. I'm in Love with how it turned out, and it's now my favorite ornament on our tree!

By the way, this let's you know what Jim and I have been up to yet again tonight. We got busy putting some of the finishing touches on our tree after we got Jake to bed. We knew it would be best to wait for him to fall asleep because naturally he would be busy under our feet calling out repeatedly, "I help you!" Believe me, I would love to have his help. But in this case with so many breakable and fragile things, even I'm nervous about me touching them. I can't wait to see his reaction in the morning when he sees so many pretty things dangling from it now...especially his very own ornament.

I'm sure from now on, having him make an ornament for our tree will be a yearly tradition for as long as he enjoys it. I think it will be so amazing to see how his creativity grows through the years and to look back at each one and remember what a great time we had doing something so fun together.

But for now, I'll enjoy this one.

That'll be an easy thing to do, don't you think?

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