Before We Say Goodnight


Before we say "Goodnight!" each night, we have made it a ritual in our house to read a devotion and say a prayer with Jake. At the end of every day as we're getting ready to settle down for the night, Jake is quick to say, "Read my votion" that's just what we do. And believe me, if there's a night when we've let bedtime come later than normal, and we're tired, Jake still won't let a night go by without reading our "votion". The book that we read from is called Blessings Every Day by little blessings. This was actually a gift from his Grandma, and we LOVE it! It's designed especially for small children with great illustrations and wonderful lessons about being a friend, what to pray for, being thankful, etc. Even I look forward to another day and another devotion. Most of all, I know I'm spending the best minutes of Jake's day with him talking about the most important thing he'll ever learn about...God.

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