I treated myself!

I treated myself to a long, quiet bath and some "me" time.

I only have two things to say about this...I REALLY needed it, and "Thank You!" Dora the Explorer. For whatever reason, Jake LOVES Dora the Explorer. Yes, he really does. As he would say, "Doh-wuh" is truly one of his favorites. He stays glued to the TV every minute her program is on. Nevermind that "Go Diego Go!" is the boy version of her's all about "Doh-wuh" in Jake's world. But whether it's Dora or Deigo he likes, I approve of him watching either show, so I'm happy to let him spend a little time in front of the TV. After all, it buys me some time to wash dishes or catch up on laundry or lay out his clothes for the next day.

But not tonight!

Tonight I treated myself! Truly I did!

Ahhhhh...I feel so much better. Now if I can just get a great night's sleep, I can tackle tomorrow in better spirits and with more energy than I'm left with at this very moment.

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