Short...but VERY Sweet


This post is going to be a short one just for me to share with you something Jake said very recently.

It was actually last night, and it started with us putting up our Christmas tree. I came home to wreaths all over the garage and Jim searching for suction cups to hang them on our outdoor windows, the attic ladder down and insulation in the hallway, and storage containers of ornaments and decorations all over the den.

We first started with what needed to be done on the outside and then moved to the inside. While Jim and I hung the wreaths, Jake played busily and rode his 4-wheeler in and out of the garage.

As we made our way inside, he watched us move the dining room table to a different area of the room to make a spot for the tree. After that, he got busy playing with his trains, so he wasn't really watching what we were doing.

After a little while, he walked back in. And when he saw the tree all put together and aglow with white lights, his eyes got big, his jaw dropped, and he said, "My Chwi-mas Twee! I so excited!"

It was priceless and melted me and Jim completely!

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