All Fired Up!


Jake and I got all fired up at "All Fired Up" this past week (about Christmas...what else?). We went to our local pottery painting place and got a head start on Christmas gifts and something special for our Christmas three this year.

We met Laura, one of the awesome employees who work there. She and I looked through books to find the perfect design and picked out paint colors while Jake colored at the small table they have just for kids.

We first started with a Christmas plate for my mom. Laura did a super job getting the perfect handprint right in the center of the plate!

I then let Jake paint his very own ornament to hang on our tree this year. Laura gave him a WHOLE bunch of red and green paint, and he covered it from end to end. I think he used every paint brush provided to us in the process. He definitely had loads of fun, and so did I watching him create his masterpiece.

All in all, it was a great night of fun! Our tree is sure to look the best it ever has, and Grandma is most definitely going to love the special give her baby boy has made just for her!

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