Tonight it was storytime for Jake and I. Once dinner was behind us, and he had had his bath and was ready for bed, I decided to let him choose several books he wanted to read, we curled up in his bed together, and I read each one aloud as he followed along talking about things on each page.

One of the books he chose is called "That's Not My Tractor!" It's one of those touch-and-feel books with all different sorts of surfaces...smooth, shiny, scratchy, etc. We had so much fun reading this one, especially when we got to the part where it says, "That's not my Tractor! It's seat is too scratchy!", and of course the tractor has a red, scratchy (velcro) seat. We pretended the scratchy seat on the tractor was hurting us, and the mouse sitting on the back of the tractor with his hands over his mouth was gasping because we had hurt ourselves. We both laughed and laughed at each other as we took turns rubbing our fingers on the scratchy seat and saying, "Ouchy!"

They say laughter is medicine for the soul, and when I'm sharing it with Jake, it's even more than that. I can listen to the sound of it, and it makes me laugh right along with him. It's truly contagious, and so is he. Yes, our storytime, was the perfect end to what turned out to be a really great day. Thank you, Sweet Boy, for sharing your day and your giggles with me. YOU are medicine for my soul!

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