One day last week, Jake brought home a sandwich bag with six small acorns inside of it. Since the beginning of October, "Fall" has been the theme with all things colored orange, brown, yellow, and red with talk of pumpkins, turkeys, and giving thanks. With this being the case, my guess is he, his teachers, and classmates all took a little "field trip" and ventured out into the great outdoors to see what they could find as it related to Fall.

Since the acorns have arrived at our house, they have been a topic of conversation and play. They have been thrown, eaten (not really, of course), hidden, and rolled back and forth like little balls, all to ultimately return to their home in the sandwich bag.

Yesterday, they happened to come with us while we spent some time outside, but this time the game was a little different.

Jake decided he would put them all in his shoe and transfer them back and forth. This went on and on until he decided it was more fun to throw them after all. I capitalized on the opportunity, and we decided it would be best to let the acorns return to their home outside where they belonged. So we all said our last goodbyes, and Jake had fun throwing each one "away". I'm happy to say the acorns have found their home outside once again...but not without a picture for memories sake...of course not!

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