Not Me! Monday


Just an hour before Jake's 3rd birthday party, I did not leave him unattended to go find a broom while he sat in a chair outside under his grandparents' carport. And if he was left unattended for a short period of time, it would not have been his curdling crys that made me come running. Nope. I would never assume that my child is perfectly capable of getting in and out of chairs on his own at all times, and the huge bruise and scrape on his forehead is just a figment of the imagination. Yep! That would be it...a figment of the imagination. Uh huh!

And this past Friday, I did not just simply laugh when my mom told me that Jake told her, "There's her boobies!" when he saw a very busty woman in an issue of Good Housekeeping that they were looking at together. Not me! This is not so common in our house (Jake pointing out body parts, that is) that it didn't surprise me at all. And neither did our conversation continue with me sharing similar stories of things he has said to me and to Jim. Heavens no! I certainly wouldn't almost give my mom a heart attack by telling her such stories. Definitely not me!

And last but not least, I did not let Jake lick finger fulls of icing right off of his birthday cake and then totally destroy part of it as if he were one. Not me! I'm way more uptight and sanitary than that...usually.

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