Monday Morning


It's Monday...the first real weekday of our Spring break. We slept in late...partly due to the time change. I always have the hardest time adjusting to "losing" an hour of sleep - not because I require a ton of sleep, but because I tend to stay up late anyway, so the time change just means I stay up even later.

We've had breakfast and since then have been busy trying to make our floors visible before my parents arrive. Between the toys, scrap booking tools, dirty laundry, boxes of photos, unmade beds, paper, and stacks of clothes that are ready to go to consignment, family members, and charities, we have had an overwhelming job to do these past two hours.

But now we're ready...we're ready for my parents and Jake's cousin, Emily to get here.

Jim and my dad have projects to do around our house. Our shower knob is leaking. It's the kind that has a separate shower head, and the part that is leaking is the one that turns the water on and off. They are also going to add an outside light on our garage and another light inside the attic. Jim is super handy (I think I've mentioned that before), but there are just some things he waits until he has help with to tackle. If it involves electrical or plumbing work, he has learned to get help...the hard way. The hard way involved a broken marble tub front (the part that hides the insides of the tub) and almost being electrocuted trying to install our dryer when we first moved into our house (but in his defense, this was somewhat due to an error on the electrician's part who wired our house).

I should also throw in the fact that they are stopping by Jim's BBQ on their way far some of the best barbecue I've ever eaten!

As for mom, Jake, Emily, and I, we have no set plans. We may make a spontaneous trip to the mall. We usually do when they come to visit. It also seems fitting that this is what we'll do since we've been there once a day for the past two days. This is because "Mr. Bunny" (the Easter bunny) is there along with his train. Jim and I couldn't be more thrilled - more thrilled than ever that we'll probably fork out at least 20 bucks in train rides between now and Easter. Awesome!

Later today, hopefully I'll add a Not Me! Monday.

But for now, I need to take a shower and put some more clothes on my child. I don't think him wearing just his pajama top, underwear and socks (all completely mis-matched) will fly the rest of the day.

Have a great Monday, Everyone!

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