Bracing Ourselves


In this moment, Jim and I are bracing ourselves.

We are bracing ourselves for the aftermath of taking care of Jake at 4am this morning when he came into our bedroom with vomit on his night shirt. But of course I didn't even have to turn on my bedside table lamp before I knew what had happened. The smell of milk that has made it's way to the stomach of a toddler and back up again 7 hours later is one that will bring a lump to your throat instantly.

Jim took the high road and stripped his bed of all sheets, pillowcases, and the mattress pad. It had to be rinsed in the sink.

Meanwhile, I wiped Jake down with a warm rag as he told me he was "sowwy". I replaced his soiled pj's with new ones and listened to the gagging sounds and running water coming from the kitchen.

Since then Jake has made a full recovery. His appetite has returned, and he's back in full swing giving our dogs a workout, smudging play-doh into the carpet (niiiiice), dancing to the tunes of his toys, and asking me to draw monsters on his Magna Doodle while I try to blog.

But as for Jim and I, we are in a different boat altogether. We're watching what he eat...wondering how "this" might feel coming back up again. We're hopeful we'll dodge the bullet this time, but if history repeats itself we won't feel so hot by this time tomorrow.

I just hope we both get more sleep tonight than we did last night. I just rather deal with it in the day time versus the night, especially since I'm running on about 4 hours of sleep right now.

But I guess I don't get to choose. I just have to brace myself...and wait...

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