AKA "Belle"


This is CH. Aynsworth Belle O' Windrush - AKA "Belle".

She is our ball-loving (more like obsessed), tri-colored Shetland Sheepdog ("Sheltie" for short).

She became a member of our family in August of 2003, and in her lifetime, has traveled through more states than I have in mine.

She is an AKC Champion and mother to six.

She has one American and Canadian champion son, "Sky" (CH. Aynsworth Windrush Night Sky) and five others who are champions in the eyes of their families.

She's a ball of energy, chaser of anything moving on the opposite side of our fence.

She enjoys talking back and every opportunity she has to stay in a hotel because that means she'll get to sleep anywhere she wants.

She lives up to the meaning of her name, and she's my friend for life.

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