Jake's Reading Corner


Here lately, Jake has begun to want to read his books on his own. The response I get sometimes when I ask him if he wants me to read to him is, "I can do it all myself!" So that's what he does...he reads "all to himself." And since he loves to read so much, I keep tons of books stacked all over his room, especially his favorites right next to his reading chair.

Tonight I tried to capture this on video so you can see what I mean.

And you would never guess that by the time I recorded this, he had been sent home with a note saying he had bitten someone at preschool, he had shouted at me, "I've had enough!" (for what reason, I have absolutely no idea), and had been in time out more than once. Yep. You read correctly, and all I can say is that by tomorrow morning, I've requested that the alien that overtook my sweet, loving 3 year old's body returns the Jake I know to me. (At least I'm hoping that's what happens!)

Anyway..without further ado...

Welcome to Jake's Reading Corner!

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