Afternoon Play...Extinct Style


Today we played a LOT with these guys...

They're actually pieces to one of Jake's puzzles.

But instead of turning the puzzle over and fitting them into their designated spots...

He decided it was more fun to turn the puzzle board over and stand them up.

And naturally after a few minutes of "standing up", they got super tired and had to go "take a nap". Where did they take a nap you ask? In the bag that holds his doctor's play set that he got for Christmas. Of course!

This routine went on and on and on...for a really. long. time.

Only one of these "dinofaurs" (as Jake calls them) has a name. This is Dino (like Dino from The Flinstones). I'm not sure where he picked that up, but Dino is what he has been named, and he's his favorite...because he has a really long neck (so he says).

And some of them make look rather fierce...

But they're actually "weally, weally sweet" (according to their playmate, Jake).

Good thing for us right?

I'm not sure about you, but I'm definitely relieved!

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