Still Burning


Just in case you've been wondering...

Yes, the fire is still burning...

between Jake and Allison.

Today was their Valentine's Day party (it was postponed due to the snowfall that we got last Friday), and there just so happened to be a little "gift exchange" between the two of them.

Jake gifted Allison an assortment of little things like a silver, heart necklace, a four-piece box of Russell Stover chocolates, a small red teddy bear, a Toy Story Valentine's Day Card (How romantic, eh?), and a pack of Fun Dip (It's the little things that count, right?).

Her gift in return was this...

and as you can tell, he's completely enamored with her token of love and friendship.

He kept repeating all night that Allison was the one who gave him his doggy and how he "wuvs him."

And so tomorrow we'll return to school with a "Thank You" note in hand and sincere hope that Allison is as in love with her Valentine's Day gifts as Jake is his and that this little fire of love doesn't burn out any time soon.

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