I mentioned just the other day in this post that I've been wanting to share with you some of the photographs that my amazing photographer friend, Melissa, took for us a little over a year ago. I also mentioned that my reason for having not posted them yet is because I wanted to make sure I could link you to her photograpy blog and website, which you can tell I now know how to do, all because she took the time to "school" me in the art of adding links. See! I told you she was awesome!

It's hard for me to pick just a few to share.

But I'll try to narrow it down as best I can.

Our location of choice was an easy one. We were in front of the President's Mansion on the campus of the University of Alabama.

It's where we work, spend lots of time in the warmer months going for walks and having picnics, and definitely hang out as many Saturdays as we can in the Fall surrounded by friends and thousands of fellow football fans.

It's what Tuscaloosa is "famous" for, and since Tuscaloosa is the city where our family grew from two to three, there was no place better to capture memories of our family.

There's not one picture that I have of us together as a family that I love more than these...

which is why I can't wait to have Melissa photograph our family again this Spring.

And I'm sure I'll feel the same way all over again...I won't love any others more!

It will also be amazing to see just how much time has changed Jake and the way we look as a family.

And I promise to not keep anyone waiting and will share them here as soon as I can...since now I know had to add a link and all.

In the mean time, we'll keep hating on Punxutawney Phil and wait for warmer, sunny days, greener grass, and flowers in bloom.

That should happen in no time, right?

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