A Different Story


Today told a completely different story...

with a much different ending from the last time snow was predicted for our area. To say I was disappointed when we waited and waited and nothing really happened worth blogging about, would be an understatement. Any kind of snow is definitely rare for us, so when it's in the forecast, I can't help but get all geeked up about it.

So when all the talk started that there might be another chance to see some of the "white stuff", I refrained from getting my hopes up too high and settled to hope for at least a three-day weekend. Well, this time I got the best of both worlds...a nothing-planned day at home with the two men in my life and IT SNOWED!

It really started coming down around 9 this morning...

and it didn't stop (even for a second) until mid afternoon.

At first, it wasn't "sticking" to anything, but as the day went on, it really started to pile up a bit.

It was absolutely gorgeous...

and this guy had the best time ever!

I think we went outside three different times!!

We had the most fun catching snowflakes on our tongues,

making snowballs, and playing kickball with an extremely slippery ball.

Today's story definitely could not have had a better ending.

And I couldn't be happier that I had a part in it.


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