Meet "Fishee"


So I've talked a LOT about the human members of our family, but I feel like I've barely mentioned the non-human members of our family, if at all. I figured it was high time I better, so I've decided to start with our fish.

We've had him since May of this past year, and in my opinion, he still has not been given a "real" name. When we first brought him home I asked Jake what he wanted to name him, and he replied, Fishee. He never would change his mind no matter how many times I tried to convince him that "Fishee" really wasn't a name per se, so Fishee it was. And still to this very day, that's all he's ever been called.

He's a blue, male, Betta fish, and he's the lowest maintenance, least "exciting" of all three of our pets. He's also mostly my responsibility, although Jake really enjoys helping me feed him (when he happens to be around for the job). He's also not quite ready for task of changing out Fishee's water, but he likes to sit on the counter and watch me do what I do to keep his little home clean and his water fresh.

Last night, that's exactly what we did...we made his water fresh and new, and his home clean.

We started by cleaning the rocks and artificial plants and, of course, his little aquarium.

Then we put everything back in, added new water, and about half a dozen drops of this stuff...

We waited about 30 minutes...long enough for the conditioning drops to do their magic,

and then we put Fishee back in his little home that's now full of fresh, clean water.

And even though he's not the most exciting pet, he's still ours, and he's a member of our family!

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