Not Me! Monday


This past week, I 100 percent did not still have my car in drive when I got out of it in such a hurry to run back in and get my glasses that I left inside Jake's classroom when I dropped him off. Say what? No, I will definitely say that was not me who realized when I get back in my car (the first time) that Oops! I left my glasses inside and got back out in a complete fury causing me to think I had put my car in park but instead put it in drive. And I also did not have to almost catch my car as is rolled away from me with one leg hanging out and one leg in trying desperately to get my foot on the break. Uh uh! You definitely would not have been able to get a really good laugh out of seeing someone (who is not me) attempting to throw themselves back into their car while it moved along at less then 5 mph in Jake's school parking lot. If that did happen, it would have made for a great "Caught On Tape" episode, though.

And I also did not ignore the whines and moans of my almost three year old as he complained that his "booty bottom" hurt. No, no, no! And if I did happen to act like I didn't hear him, it certainly wouldn't have been because I was trying to watch this week's episode of The Bachelor. And when his requests for my help were repeated over and over and over again, I also did not attempt to send him in to the other room saying, "'s okay, Baby. See if Daddy can help you. He's in the other room. Let him have a look." No, sirree! Who needs such overrated TV drama? Definitely....Not Me! I cannot tell you just as sure as I sit here and type this who went home tonight. I'm definitely not upset that Vienna is still there ! UGH! Okay, okay, so maybe I did watch this week's episode, but I promise I took care of my baby boy's "booty bottom" (as soon as it went to a commercial break).

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