Not Me! Monday


This past week, I most certainly did not forget to pack Jake a lunch on the day he was asked to bring one from home. Oh heavens no! I'm always, always on top of these kinds of things. I'm never rattled by a change in routine like this. And hypothetically if I did forget to pack a lunch to send to school with Jake last Thursday, I would not have whipped through the drive-thru lane at Chick-fil-A and then pretended like I meant to send him lunch from there that day, calling it a "special" lunch. Not me! I definitely would have just owned up to the fact that I forgot and said "Thank you! You saved the day!" when I paid the cashier for a four piece nugget meal with fruit and apple juice.

And if it was me who forgot to pack her child a lunch this past Thursday, I would not have thought, "Oooh! I could get myself a three-count chicken minis meal if I went to Chick-fil-A!" Absolutely not! I would never use forgetting my child's lunch as dual purpose for buying myself breakfast. I would never stoop to such a level as doing something like that!

And finally, this past week I also did not visit the dentist, only to be told I had...are you ready for this?...a cavity! I'm certain I was not the one who went for a routine visit, had those miserable x-rays taken, and then heard my dentist say, "'ve got one tiny cavity on the top right side, third tooth from the back." Oh heck no! He could not be talking to me! I'm the one who can't remember the last time I had to have a tooth filled for reasons of having a cavity. I'm definitely still very much in denial on this one! If only I could read those x-rays myself. Only then would I own up to this one.

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