In Preparation


In preparation for Jake's upcoming birthday party, I pulled this

out of a spare closet in our house,

and I used it to make these...

And if you can't quite tell what these are...

they are "lumps of coal."

Well, actually they are 5" squares of black cotton fabric that I got at Wal-mart today filled with about 3/4 cup of Navy beans. There are six of them to be exact.

Their purpose? They'll be used in a game called "Toss the Coal into the Engine"...sort of like a bean bag toss.

The "toss" part...well, that was Jim's end of the bargain. He put his jig-sawing skills into action while I was at Wal-mart buying the fabric, chips, Kool-aid Jammers, and everything else on my usual grocery list.

Now all that's left to be done is spray paint it black to match the "lumps of coal" and let Jake and his party goers have a blast on Saturday.

I almost can't stand the wait...the wait for the BIG day and the wait to see if I can beat Jim at tossing around some lumps of coal!

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