Case Closed


This is the case of: First Love

These are the Facts:

1. Jake has been bitten by the "love bug". He has been struck by cupid's arrow and has fallen head over heels. He has his very first love.

2. Her name is Allison - blonde hair, brown-eyed, Allison. According to his teachers, "He picked the sweetest one."

3. I, his Mommy, was not prepared for this.

4. He proclaimed his love for Allison to me one night after his bath. While he sat on the counter as I dried his hair and clipped his finger and toenails, I asked the question, "Who did you play with at school today?" His response was, "Allison!" Since I've never met Allison and have never heard him mention her before, I then asked him who Allison is. His answer?..."My Girlfriend."

5. I almost cut the end of his toe off with the fingernail clippers.

6. They are inseparable while at school.

7. They can be found holding hands on every adventure they take away from the classroom where it requires them to "hold hands with a friend."

8. And Jake insists that he lay beside her at nap time.

9. Speaking of nap time, one day last week, Jake was the first to fall asleep. So as his reward, he got four skittles when he woke up. What did he do with these four skittles?...He shared two of them with Allison.

10. On any given morning that I offer him something for breakfast that can be eaten on the way or at school (such as a "Tot Tart"), he chooses to wait until he gets to he can share it with her.

11. He's also a big show off in front of her, and his face lights up like a Christmas tree when he sees her in the mornings.

12. And to elaborate more on morning drop-off - Just this past Friday when I took him in, she arrived just a few minutes after he did; and when he saw her, he said, "Allison!!! Out of my way, Brayden" and pushed his pal Brayden out of the way to get to her.

13. Yes, I wasn't prepared for this, but it's the most innocent, adorable, sweet forms of love I've ever seen, and I hope it lasts for a long time.

This is the Evidence:

Case Closed

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